Keeping Warm with the Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Everybody loves a good night sleep. That is why during cold nights, especially during times when the winter season is just right around the corner, it is imperative that one must have a nice, thick and warm blanket that will be readily available for people to go up and curl themselves into. And in some cases, thick blankets do not even do the trick anymore. Sometimes no matter how thick a blanket may be, sometimes it will not always be enough. In these kinds of times, amazing products like the Sunbeam electric blanket will always come in handy.

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No matter how big the bed may be or how many beds in the house will need an electric blanket, there will always be electric blankets made by Sunbeam that will be ready for each member of the family. This reputable company has been the trusted company in America when it comes to having the best electric blankets in the industry. And with that, here are some facts about this awesome electric blanket company.

About Sunbeam

To date, Sunbeam is still considered to be the largest electric blanket maker in the entire United States of America. For over a decade they have come up with initially the best and most innovative electric blankets in the country despite the various challenges that the company have been facing like emergence of other electric blanket manufacturing companies selling out cheaper products and other similar problems. But because they have been in the business long enough, they have the largest and most diverse list when it comes to electric blankets. And when choosing what will be the best for one’s home, there will always be a Sunbeam electric blanket that will be perfect for the house and the people living in it.

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Electric Blanket Benefits

Even though this type of blankets has its own share of special considerations and precautions in operation which will be mentioned later on, there are a lot of positive benefits that it can give to the human body. Some of these benefits are the following:

  • Relief of arthritic pain
  • Relief of muscle soreness caused by strenuous physical activities or illness.
  • Promotes wider range of body motion and flexibility.
  • Warmth and comfort especially during harsh winter nights.
  • Releases tension accumulated from stress.
  • Relief of non-threatening medical conditions such as sinusitis, post-polio syndrome and Raynaud’s Phenomenon.


Pros and Cons

When a person is on the market to look for the best electric blanket with the best price possible, there are a couple of things that one must put into considerations. In this instance, there are several pros and cons when it comes to having a Sunbeam brand electric blanket.

Starting off with a few of the cons:

  • Some of the wirings Sunbeam use for their blankets can be too large making it uncomfortable at times even though varieties like their Sunbeam fleece electric blanket as well as the plush electric blankets provide superb comfort.
  • Because the wirings are not fixed to a single location in the blankets, they tend to move a lot causing some cold spots in the blanket. This incident however, is somewhat minimal.
  • The cords and the connectors located at the base of the blanket is quite large adding to the discomfort that it sometimes brings people who use it.
  • The product itself loses a small portion of its heat generating power as years go by.


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But like a lot of products that has survived years of competition, the pros have always outweighed the cons when it comes to a Sunbeam electric blanket. Such pros are mentioned below.

  • The electric blankets made by Sunbeam are economical in general and are considered to be the warmest in all of the country.
  • Because of the superb concentrated heating comfort it brings, electric blankets especially those made by the company mentioned above actually helps to gradually lower the electricity costs of the entire family when it comes to the heating system.
  • The reliability of the electric blankets that they have made is second to none since they use the same kind of technology over the years, just like how the saying goes: don’t fix something if it isn’t broken.
  • They provide variations when it comes to blanket size and thickness providing the same quality of warmth and comfort from the Sunbeam electric throw blanket to the queen and even the king sized blankets.
  • They provide all of their customers a 5 year warranty when it comes to their products exposed in manufacturing and design defects.
  • For their electric blankets that were built to fit in 2 or more people such as their king and queen size electric blankets, there are actually 2 switches located on either side of the blanket enabling either one to control the heat the side of the blanket that they are on. And even though these electric blankets have dual controllers, it only has a single piece of outlet saving outlet space.
  • All of their products can be washed in the machine and can even be partly dried using a conventional dryer at home.
  • Their electric blankets are considered to be very safe to use passing all of the standard tests provided by ETL, a trusted safety rating agency in the United States.
  • Another good thing about the controllers of these electric blankets made by Sunbeam is their ability to be pre-heated, the ability to dim and gradually lower heat over a specific period of time and an auto shut off setting from 2 to 10 hours allowing further savings to a person’s electrical usage.


Special Precautions

Although the Sunbeam blanket has been approved for the general population, there are still a couple of things to consider especially when a person is on the hunt for one. For instance, a diabetic person who has a history of not being able to feel anything with their extremities like hands and feet are not advised to get an electric blanket as it can result to burning when these people do not feel the warming effect of the blanket and turning the heat up higher than the body can handle. People with special needs such as those who are paralyzed, people who are incapable of understanding the mechanism of the blanket and little children are highly discouraged to use the product as it can lead to serious accidents if insisted.

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Maintenance and Repair

Like any other electrical materials and equipment the Sunbeam electric blanket is also vulnerable to wear and tear. In these kinds of times, it is advisable to directly contact the manufacturer or the local store where the product was bought from so that their people can contact the manufacturers themselves for replacement of defective products and possible repairs. In cases where a minor repair and parts replacement is all it needs to get the electric blanket back up and running in no time, there are a couple of good service centers that will be ready to serve people with these kinds of problems including the sale of Sunbeam electric blanket parts to those who needs some broken parts replaced during repair. And if somehow these incidents happen during the warranty period as mentioned above, it can also be a candidate for the free service and replacement should certain criteria are met.