All about the Summer Blanket

Over the summer, it is impractical to use the same blankets that you use for other seasons. Thus, you need a summer blanket that will provide you with a cool environment during sleep. Say goodbye to your winter blankets such as sunbeam electric blanket since they can be too warm for a hot weather. Change them up for a more comfortable and airy mood of summer with this blanket type.

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About the summer blanket

These blankets are essentially lightweight but no that too thin. They are designed to help you sleep well even when the weather is hot. They are mostly available in soft colors, representing freshness and comfort over summer.

Benefits of Summer Blanket

Best materials for the lightweight summer blanket

You should avoid blankets that are made from heavy materials such as wool and down during summer. It is best to go for breathable materials.

  • Cotton: Cotton is the most preferable choice for a hot season. It is very soft and breathable, which makes it the most comfortable option available. Another advantage is that cotton is quite affordable. Even if you are on a tight budget, you will be able to find quality cotton blankets for the summer with ease. But if your budget is quite flexible, you may go for an Egyptian cotton. It is the most expensive type of cotton and is extremely durable and soft. While purchasing cotton blankets, it is important that you check the thread count. The higher the thread count, the softer the cotton will be. This also entails a higher price though. The lowest thread count that is still in a quality range starts at 200.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is a natural fiber just like cotton and can be found in summer blanket. If you are looking for anti-bacterial properties in your blankets, bamboo is an excellent choice. These blankets are low maintenance and breathable, just like 100% cotton blankets are.
  • Sateen: Sateen is a material that resembles satin in terms of touch and texture. However, it is not related to satin at all. It is made out of cotton and then treated so that the texture and touch resemble satin. It has the ability to keep you cool through the night.
  • Wool: The wool is often mistaken as merely a winter material. Lightweight wool can actually be a perfect blanket type for summer. It has the ability to absorb moisture thereby keeping you cool in the warm season.  A loosely handmade wool blanket can also be a way to add a homespun feel for your summer beddings.


Roxy Lightweight Summer Blanket

Buying tips for a more summer look

  • If you are looking for the best summer blanket, you should definitely go with 100% cotton. Organic cotton will provide more breathability. It is also safer, more comfortable and help you keep cool even on the warmest nights
  • Nothing beats tropical prints to give you a more summer touch. These designs usually feature brightly colored tropical fruit and plant patterns. There are tropical flowers and foliage designs great for an ocean and sea life feel.
  • Solid colors especially the pastel shades are excellent for summer season. These colors will surely give your bedroom a sophisticated look.


Additional requirements with the summer weight blanket

Along with the summer blanket it is advised that you buy a cooling pad for the mattress. This will help you stay cooler when nights are particularly hot. These cooling pads are easily available at bedding stores. Make sure you buy pads that allow proper air circulation so that you stay cool and relaxed.

Monogram Summer Weight Blanket


After finding the right blankets for the summer, you may now proceed with purchasing your complete bedding for the summer. It is best to go for the same brand and theme so that you have uniformity in the bedroom. This will enable you to enhance the décor at the same time.

Bed Blankets: Sizes and Available Options

You need good quality, soft and comfortable bed blankets to be able to snuggle each night. It is really a must have especially during winter when nights are uncomfortably cold. While the market has plenty of choices for you, it is important that you understand what options are available such as double bed blankets so that you buy the right size for your bed.

Black Woven Bed Throws And Blankets

About bed blankets

Please note that there are actually no standard sizes when it comes to blankets for beds. However, there are approximate sizes that have been devised to make shopping easier for consumers. The following guidelines on common bed size will help you buy the blanket that perfectly or closely fits your bed size.

  • Twin beds: Twin beds generally measure 39 x 76 inches. Blankets for these are about 68 x 86 inches. If you are going for down blankets, you may have to buy longer blankets. 66 x 90 inches measuring blankets are also available for these beds.
  • Full beds: These beds measure 54 x 75 inches. The blankets for these beds measure 80 x 90 inches. You may also buy queen sized blankets for these beds.
  • Queen beds: Queen beds measure 60 x 80 inches. You may buy full size bed blankets for these beds. However, if you would like to buy blankets specifically made for queen-sized beds, you may want to check blankets that measure 86 x 94 inches.
  • King beds: Measuring 78 x 80 inches, these beds are the largest. Thus, the blankets for these beds are also generally the largest available in the market. Blankets measuring 108 x 90 inches are the best choice while you may have other sizes as well including 110 x 96 inches and 108 x 98 inches.


Fleece Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Why sizes of bed blankets are important

When it comes to bedding, choosing the right size is always very important because anything shorter or larger, or wider or longer can be very uncomfortable. Short blankets may not be enough to cover you while large blankets may pile up. Wide and long blankets may just slide off the bed and look very unappealing while being difficult to use through the night. This is why experts have always advised that you measure your bed and then make a corresponding choice.

Benefits of Cot Bed Blankets

Available options of bed blankets

Aside from the size, blankets may be further classified according to the style and fabric materials they are made from. Each has its own unique properties and features.

  • Cotton blankets are the most popular and versatile blankets you can buy in stores. They can be used in the bedroom, couch or car and available in different styles and colors. Plus, these blankets can be really affordable compared to other blanket types.
  • Down blankets are known for their luxurious designs, durability and comfort. These types of blankets are cool to touch yet warm and cozy when snuggled underneath.
  • Fleece blankets are one of the ultra-soft types of blanket available in the market. These blankets are also lightweight making them ideal for your children. Made from polyester and other synthetic fibers, fleece blankets are also easy to maintain.
  • If you are after durability and reliability, wool blanket is the best for you. They are also very warm making it perfect during winter season. In case you have sensitivity problem on wools, you may buy those which are wool filled but cotton covered.
  • There is also the sunbeam electric blanket, which is an excellent choice for those who want to sleep in a warm bed during winter. These can be heated to your most preferred temperature with its thermostat control.
  • Bed cot blankets are special kind of blankets made for babies. Needless to say, these blankets are typically of superior quality, warm, super soft and comfortable to always ensure a good sleep for your child.

Keep the weather and your requirements in mind when you choose the type and style. While blankets for the bed are available separately, you can also buy sets of bed throws and blankets for cheaper deals.

The Benefits of Double Bed Blankets


It highly recommended to pay attention to the blanket size and the fabric materials used on your beddings to ensure a great night’s sleep. Do not forget to invest in the best available quality though so that the blankets are long lasting and functional.

Warm Blankets: Types and Options Available

During the winter season, it is very important to buy warm blankets so as to stay snuggled up and comfortable through the chilly days. The market has many options of these blankets for you to purchase based on your requirements and your preferences.

Discover Warm Winter Blankets

About warm winter blankets

Many brands specifically make warm blanketsfor the winter season because it is extremely chilly and normal blankets are usually not enough. These blankets may be of different types, made out of different materials. Wool, cotton, and fleece are the most common options. There are also electric blankets that provide a lot of comfort during extremely cold days.

Warm electric blankets

Electric blankets are wired and connected to a thermostat, which is again connected to the power socket. The thermostat lets you control the temperature so that you are comfortable. Some large blankets also come with dual settings. These blankets are extremely useful when days are very cold and you need to sleep well. However, you cannot use these blankets with all types of beds. For example, using them with waterbeds would be a mistake because any contact of water with the blanket can be disastrous. Brands such as the sunbeam electric blanket clearly warn you about usage.

Electric blankets are also ideal for those who suffer with joint pains because the heat provides a lot of relief and can accelerate the healing process. However, people with paralysis and old people are not advised to use them since their sense of feeling is already altered. Babies and pets are also prevented from using them because they will be having a hard time communicating directly whenever overheating happens.

When buying this, always remember not to put anything on while in use. Also, strictly follow its washing instructions to prevent it from being damaged.


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Warm baby blankets

Even though electric blankets are handy, they can prove to be dangerous for babies, which is why you should never buy such blankets for your little one. Organic cotton and wool are excellent choices for warm blanketsfor babies because they are safe and gentle on the skin. You may also choose hypoallergenic blankets so that your baby stays protected from any potential allergens. Fleece is also a good option for babies due to its smoothness. For optimum convenience, there are full-sized polyester infant blankets with sewn-in pockets where baby’s feet can be placed for extra warmth.

Babies tend to get too attached to their blankets and cry out for the comfort. Thus, it is necessary to always pick the best fabric for their blanket to help them have a good sleep. Depending on your preferences, you can always choose the best material for your little one.


Warm throw blankets

You may use these blankets in the living room to snuggle up with your family while spending time together. These blankets also make for excellent backup options in the bedroom when the weather suddenly gets chilly late into the night. They also come in different designs making them perfect not only as protection from cold but as well as an additional furnishing inside your house. Electric throw blankets are also available in the market.

Buying warm blankets

Only good quality blankets can guarantee warmth over a prolonged period of time. Thus, it is advisable to buy the best quality blankets that you can afford, no matter what type you may be looking for. Blankets are available at reasonable rates online but it is very important to be careful about the seller and the website where you will be purchasing.

The Advantages of Warm Throw Blankets


Buying good quality blankets according to your needs will enable you to go through cold winter nights with comfort and warmth. Whatever warm blanket you may have included in your option list, always give quality a top priority.

Understanding the Microplush Blanket

Known for being extremely soft, the microplush blanket is a popular choice. These blankets are made using acrylic or polyester, which means they are totally manmade and safe. They are especially woven to be very soft and luxurious and the fabric is chosen accordingly as well.

Brand New Sunbeam Microplush Electric Blanket

About the microplush blanket

These blankets are known for their splendid comfort and extreme softness. They are even softer than a microfleece making it a top choice for those who are looking for the softest type in the market. They are also very light and smooth, which is why they are often described as velvety and luxurious. These blankets also come with excellent properties such as being colorfast and machine washable. They are also resistant to stains, odors and mildew making them quite easy to care for. The only thing to keep in mind is to follow the given instructions so that you do not go wrong while washing or caring for them.

High Qulaity Sunbeam Luxury Microplush Heated Blanket

Buying the microplush blanket

Along with softness, you surely look for other qualities such as warmth especially during the winters. Therefore, it is advisable to buy blankets accordingly. The sunbeam microplush heated blanket, for example, offers softness as well as warmth. This sunbeam luxury microplush blanket can be used in many different ways such as a throw blanket or a regular blanket. There are a lot of available brands that can detect and automatically adjust the temperature of hot and cold spots for an uninterrupted sleep.

The sunbeam electric blanketis highly reliable and easy to use. It has superior quality on softness and warmth that other blankets lack. However, you must remember that no matter how soft and comfortable it may be, the sunbeam microplush electric blanket is not for babies. Babies will not be able to directly communicate whenever overheating occurs and they may suffer severe burns as a result. Toddlers may also end up sleeping on top of the blankets, which is also quite dangerous. You can opt for other types of blankets instead that can be as warm, soft yet safe for your babies.

These blankets also come in different colors suited for different ages. With its different size options, you can buy a blanket for king, queen or twin size bed. There are also those which can be utilized even in outdoors making it perfect for picnics. Just check online for wider selections. They offer a lot of designs that will surely suit your taste at great deals.

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Defuzzing a microplush blanket

Even though these blankets come with numerous benefits, it has been found that they are specifically prone to fuzzing. This means that they may pile on and the threads may break. You can take care of this through simple steps.

  • It is advised that you place the blanket in the dryer along with a wet washcloth and two sheets of fabric softener. Set the dryer on low setting and run it for around 15 minutes. Always keep in mind to use the gentle cycle for defuzzing the blanket.
  • Once the blanket dries, you may place it on a hard area and spread it evenly. Use a lint roller to get rid of any fuzz that has remained. Do the same on both sides of the blanket.
  • You may also use a disposable razor in place of a lint roller or shaver. Hold it at an angle allowing it to skim the surface instead of cutting down to the blanket. Glide the razor carefully along the fabric to remove the fuzz balls.
  • A pumice stone can also be used in removing pilling. Lay the blanket out flat then gently roll the stone over the fuzzy areas. Remember to apply zero pressure and avoid pulling hard when you lift the stone off the blanket.


Find Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket


This blanket can be the best provider of warmth and comfort when well taken care of. With the few tips given, you are now off to choosing the most compatible blanket for your whole family without worrying much about the fuzz.

Buying and Caring for the Chenille Blanket

The word “chenille” is a French word for caterpillar. It is usually used as a describing word for a type of fabric specifically referring from the unique process by which it is made. During the 19th century, they were craftily made by the hand using homespun yarn and cotton. Nowadays, most chenille fabric is made out of cotton and an acrylic, polyester or rayon blend of yarn.

Quality Chenille Throw Blankets

These blankets are of various types such as throw blankets and baby blankets. If you are looking for a blanket that is soft, reliable and warm, the chenille blanket is the right choice. They can keep you comfortable during colder seasons and help your baby sleep well through the night.

The chenille throw blanket

With its various attractive designs available in the market, this makes an excellent home décor that can be placed on your sofa or draped on furniture while being readily available for use during cold season. These blankets will help you snuggle with your family while relaxing on the couch and watching TV or simply talking to each other at the end of the day. These blankets are lightweight, which makes them even more comfortable and ideal. You can also place these blankets at the foot of your bed and use them when you feel chilly during the night.

The chenille baby blanket

Babies need comfort and warmth at all times, which is why the chenille blanketis the perfect choice for babies. A special type is the little giraffe chenille blanket, which is extremely soft and plush. It is manufactured keeping the needs of babies in mind as well as their delicate skin. These blankets are very soft to touch and they are gentle on the skin. They are also highly durable, which is why they are a preferred choice by moms for babies.

You may feel that the chenille blanketis quite expensive but it is well worth the price because it offers a number of excellent benefits that other blankets do not.


Happy Owl Chenille Baby Blanket

Washing, Drying, and Caring

Simply buying the blanket is not enough. If you would like it to stay luxurious and gentle for a long time, you have to take good care of it. Needless to say, blankets need to be washed every now and then.

  • Prevent the blanket’s fringes from being tangled or knotted in the wash by braiding the blanket’s fringes first.
  • Chenille fabrics are prone to shedding when machine washed. You may place the blanket inside a washable garment bag before putting them in a washing machine to keep the shed fibers contained.
  • Use a cold water and mild detergent in washing the blankets so as to maintain its color and the quality of the fabric. Then set the machine setting in a gentle cycle.
  • After washing, take the blanket out of the garment bag and dry both in a low heat dryer. You may opt to line dry them as well.

Its All About Chenille Blanket

Although many of this type of blanket claims that they are machine washable, it is best for them to be washed by hand to make them last longer and look better. When it comes to baby blankets, the need to wash and care increases manifold. It is important to follow special instructions while cleaning and caring for chenille blankets because they are quite delicate. Improper washing, drying, and care can ruin the fabric and cause it to fluff.

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These blankets are extremely functional and aesthetically appealing. They are available in a number of colors and patterns for you to choose from so that they blend with the décor of your bedroom or living room. You can always buy them online or from stores based on your convenience. You can also find other reliable but affordable blankets such as the sunbeam electric blanket on the internet.

All You Need To Know About Picnic Blankets

Picnics are really fun especially if you were able to prepare everything you need effectively. Forgetting something or carrying the wrong item can be very frustrating. That is why it is advisable that you be organized and to merely carry the right items that you need to avoid cumbersome baggage. For instance, there are separate picnic blankets that you are advised to bring with you rather than simply picking up your dining table cloth. These blankets are made specifically to cater to your needs during picnics.

Discover Wonderful Picnic BlanketsPicking the right size

Picnic blanketsare available in varied sizes right from large picnic blanketsto small ones. There is always a well-suited blanket for you depending on the number of persons you are spending your outdoor activity with. If your group is significantly large, you may want to choose more than one blanket. There are small blankets as well, which is just enough to accommodate up to two persons perfect for a dating couple.

Moreover, it is very important to think long-term when deciding on buying a blanket. It is always best to choose a larger one so that you are ready for larger crowds. If your group is smaller, you can always fold the blanket to make it just spacious enough for you.

Get Quality Cheap Picnic BlanketsPicking the right thickness

The market has thin and thick blankets. However, it is always advisable to buy thicker ones especially if you are planning on sitting on the ground for a long time. You should also consider the place you are going to picnic at. For example, if you are going to the beach you will need a thick and firm blanket. But if you are planning to visit the park, you may opt for a thinner blanket.

Most Recommended Waterproof Picnic BlanketsPicking the right type

There are different types of outdoor blankets available in the market depending on where you are going to use them. There are waterproof picnic blankets, electric blankets, and regular blankets to choose from.

  • Waterproof blankets are ideal for the beach or for any area that may be damp. The back of this blanket is made out of water-resistant nylon. Some even have polyester batting making it more comforting.
  • You may go with sunbeam electric blanket in case you plan on a picnic during winters when it will be dry and windy but will not rain. The electric blanket will keep you warm even in the chilly outdoors and help you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.
  • You can simply go for a good quality regular picnic blanket if the weather is going to be pleasant such during spring or summer seasons. This type is also normally cheaper than the previous types mentioned.

Picnic blankets usually have an additional handle regardless of which type you want to have. This makes it easier for you to carry them anywhere you go.

Find The Best Large Picnic Blankets

Buying the best picnic blankets

You can buy blankets and all other picnic supplies with ease online or at stores. If you are looking for cheap picnic blankets,you may always check the Internet to have an easier access on various options and be able to compare rates quickly before making your purchase. However, it is very important avoid cheap brands yet very low in quality.


For you to ultimately enjoy your planned picnics, it is always best to be geared with quality blankets. With the given information and tips, you are now ready to choose the perfect blanket that suits your needs best. Purchase them now and you are good to go for a thrilling day out with your family and friends.

A Basic Guide to Using the Heat Blanket

The heat blanket is made of insulated wires. These wires heat the blanket and provide the user with comfort and protection from cold. The wires are directly connected to a thermostat that you can use to control the temperature according to your comfort level. The thermostat is then connected to the socket, which provides the electricity.

Reliable Soft Heat Warming Blanket

Buying the heat blanket

Buying an electric heat blanket requires some consideration. The first thing to think about is the control. The thermostat controls should be easy to understand and use so that they will not cause confusion. If you are buying a soft heat warming blanket for a king or queen-sized bed, it is advisable that you go for one that comes with dual controls. Another thing to keep in mind while making your purchase is the cleaning and caring. Buy blankets that can be washed at home safely.

Keep in mind that not all blankets are the same. Some blankets are bed warmers while others are simple blankets. Bed warmers are blankets that will heat your bed and make it comfortable for you. When it is time to go to bed, you have to switch off the blanket. The simple soft heat blanketrequires you to keep it on like an ordinary blanket while you sleep. It is not advisable to buy used blankets. Always invest in quality blankets such as the sunbeam electric blanket so that it is safe and easy to use.

Zebra Style Sunbeam Heat Blanket

Advantages of using heat blanket

The biggest advantage of such blankets is a good night’s sleep even when the temperatures are plunging. What makes it also great is that these blankets provide pain relief. People suffering with muscle pains and joint pains have known to be benefitted. Thus, people suffering from arthritis and other such problems can use these blankets to alleviate the pain.

You must avoid reckless folding of this blanket since it can cause short circuit or destroy some of its heating element inside. These may cause some part of the blanket to overheat while other parts fail to heat up properly.

How Much Does Electric Heat Blanket Cost

Disadvantages of using these blankets

These blankets are manufactured to be safe but if you do not use them properly or if you mishandle them, chances of burns are high. Also, buying cheap blankets and using blankets with impaired controls can be dangerous. You can avoid all these by simply investing in a good heated blanket such as those offered by sunbeam.

Who should avoid these blankets?

Most manufacturing companies usually put warning signs on the product indicating individuals who should avoid using them. Babies, kids, old people, pets, and those suffering with paralysis should not use these blankets because they will not be able to communicate their problem if the blanket overheats. People suffering with poor blood circulation such diabetics are also advised to keep away from these blankets. They are insensitive to heat and they will have hard time recognizing an overheating problem.  Other persons with medical problems should also consult a doctor before purchasing them

Comfortable Soft Heat Blankets


It is very important to understand the working mechanism of the heat blanket before beginning to use it. Before you make a purchase, you should analyze whether you need it and whether it will help you. If you decide on purchasing it, you should ensure you buy a quality blanket after assessing the most important factors rather than going cheap and buying a blanket that is unsafe or frayed. If you find that the controls are not working properly or that the blanket is showing signs of wear, you should stop using it completely and consult a professional. Use it safely and you will benefit the most from it.

Heated Blankets: Compatibility and Usage Tips

When the weather is too cold and uncomfortable, heated blankets come handy. These blankets help you warm the bed and sleep well even during very cold nights. However, these blankets are not made for all mattresses. Some mattresses can get ruined if you use any type of electric blankets including heated throw blankets. Thus, it is advisable to learn about the mattresses that are compatible with them.

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Standard mattresses

You can use these blankets with standard mattresses without worrying. The only thing to keep in mind is to ensure that your mattress has absolutely no adjustable features. This means that your mattress should be basic and literally standard. Pillow top mattresses and other mattresses are safe while it is advisable not to use these blankets with bunk beds. Some companies warn you against the use of their heating blankets with such beds.


You should never use heated blankets with waterbeds. Strict instructions about this come with reputed brands such as sunbeam heated blankets.This is because water and electricity need to stay away from each other. Waterbeds are subject to leaks and if the water comes in contact with the blankets, there could be dangerous consequences. Thus, you should not use the sunbeam electric blanket or any other heating blanket with waterbeds. This includes both sides of your waterbed.

 Quality Red Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Specialty mattress

Memory foam is a specialty mattress. You should not use your heated blanketswith mattresses made out of memory foam either. Tempur-Pedic and Flex-Fit adjustable beds do not allow the use of these blankets. Only regular Sleep Number Beds are compatible.

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Additional tips:

  • These blankets are not meant for cribs and infant beds. You should not use them for kids’ beds either. This is because your infant will not be able to tell you that the bed is too hot and your kids might sleep directly on top of the blanket. In both circumstances, your child may bear serious burns.
  • If you are sensitive to heat you should keep away from these blankets.
  • These blankets are not meant for pets. You should discourage your pet from lying on top of them.
  • You should never lie on top of the blankets. Doing so may damage its heating element and coils. It can also wear down the fabric exposing the heating element. This can lead to fire hazard anytime.
  • Do not use heating pads while using this blanket as this can lead to burns and even catch fire.
  • Do not use blankets that are wet.
  • Do not iron your blanket.
  • These blankets are not suitable for people who have difficulty moving.
  • If your blanket is not working properly or if its controls are malfunctioning, you should stop using it altogether and take it to the professional for repair.
  • Do not dry clean these blankets as chemical used in cleaning can damage it. You may hand wash it instead but remember to disconnect them from its handheld controller first.
  • It is possible to wash your heated blanketsbut you should be very careful while doing so. If the blanket is stained, spot cleaning will suffice. However, if the blanket starts smelling you will have to wash it. Machine washing is fine as long as you follow the instructions that come with the blanket. If you have any doubts, it is advisable that you talk to the cleaning professionals or the manufacturers directly so that you would not face problems.


Microplush Sunbeam Heated Blankets


Such blankets are excellent because they are protective and comfortable. However, you have to be very careful about how to and how to maintain these blankets properly. There are lots of cheap heated blankets but do not forget to check its quality.

Understanding Mink Blankets

Korean mink blankets or simply mink blankets are animal-friendly. They may be named ‘mink’ but in reality they are manmade. These blankets are made with a special blend of polyester and acrylic. The only reason why they are named mink is because they are highly luxurious and soft, just like mink fur is. Therefore, if you are an animal lover, you do not have to feel an ethical conundrum. Real mink fur is not used to make these blankets. These blankets are also very durable and reliable.

Pink Acrylic Mink Blankets

Buying mink blankets

The market has many styles for you to choose from. Therefore, you have to decide first what you are looking for. Since these are very soft and comfortable, they are more popularly bought for babies and kids. If you would like to buy baby mink blanketsas well, you should look at top stores or over the Internet. Baby blankets are generally patterned and themed giving you an entire range to choose from.

You also have to keep your budget in mind because these blankets can be really expensive. The Royal Mink is the most expensive option. It fits a queen-sized bed and it is a heated option. Other types are less expensive compared to this one. You can find different styles for all sizes of beds. Consider the sunbeam electric blanket if you want to go for Royal Mink. Keep in mind that these blankets come in various grades. While it is okay to want to save some money, buying low-grade blankets is not ideal because they would not be durable or comfortable. Checking online and comparing rates will enable you to make a smarter choice.

Super Soft Mink Blankets For Babies

Washing mink blankets

  • You may have your acrylic mink blanketscleaned professionally or you may use the machine. It is best to send them to a professional dry cleaner if they are heavily stained.
  • If you are washing your blanket at home, you need not to use fabric softener or bleach. Your regular detergent is more than enough. Avoid harsh detergents though as it can reduce the life of your blanket.
  • It is not advisable to use warm or hot water for these blankets. Cold water will do the job while protecting the color of your blankets.
  • In washing, run a dry rug over them avoiding circular movements as these can break the hair of the blanket. Apply an even and firm force following the direction of the fur to clean them thoroughly.
  • The cycle setting should be very gentle (delicate), almost like you are hand-washing the blanket.


Elegant Mink Blankets

Drying mink blankets

  • If you are using the dryer to dry your blankets, make sure the setting is at the lowest. Dry the blankets for about one hour at this setting.
  • Turn the dryer into a setting with no heat. Keep in mind that using high temperatures will cause the blankets to change shape or may even melt because these blankets are essentially plastic.
  • Do not leave the blanket in the dryer after the cycle is complete. Remove it immediately.
  • Tumble-dry is an excellent option. It will dry your blanket and it will not alter the softness of your blanket either.


Red Korean Mink Blankets


Since these special blankets are extremely soft, you have to take extra care so that the color remains intact and they stay just as soft. Misuse or carelessness can ruin the blanket that is why it is advisable that you follow the aforementioned tips. It would also be a good idea to check with the manufacturer about the washing and caring needs of the blankets.

Throw Blanket Decorating Ideas

There are many uses for the throw blanket at home. It’s mainly designed for snuggling when a person is reading a book or watching a movie. However, these types of blankets can also be used for decorative purposes. They are made from different fabrics and are normally available in several colors. When used appropriately, they can easily jazz up a dull space. Here are some ideas that anyone with such a blanket can use.

Inxpensive Coral Throw Blanket For Kids

Select Correct Color

Color combination is an important element in design. When purchasing this type of blanket, consider the colors in your home. The blanket needs to blend in with the interior design and furniture. A rule to follow is to always go for dark colors for down throw blanket pieces. This is because they will be stepped on frequently. As a result, they will accumulate a lot of dirt quickly. For blankets to be used in the bedroom, go for brighter colors. Yellow and green are more appropriate for the living room. Check out lifestyle channels, sites and literatures because you will be able to gather the most recommended color combination and you can be updated every now and then. These sources can be your guide even if you are not an expert in this field.

Best Comfy Down Throw Blanket

Adding Visual Interest

This can be achieved by using the throw blanket at different areas in the house. For the bedroom, you can place the blanket at the bed’s foot. This will make the space appear more interesting by enhancing the visual appeal. Such a blanket will also serve the purpose of providing a stepping area when sitting on the bed particularly during cold weathers. For the living room, you can place it next to the main couch, poof or rocking chair.

A coral throw blanket will fit perfectly in the study area. Such a design will appeal to the eyes and provide a reader with a relaxing effect. This will prove to be worthwhile during long study sessions. It has a soothing effect to the person, allowing a better ambience to concentrate on the reading material.

High Quality Orange Throw Blanket

Match with Occasions

Another great way of using these types of blankets is by matching them to occasions. Festivities like Easter and Christmas demand plenty of decorations. You can use a throw blanket to complement the other decorations you’ll be using. Purchase several blankets for the various holidays throughout the year. Use them in rotation accordingly. For Christmas, get a blanket that has a snowman decoration. For Easter, get blankets with bunny images. For Valentine’s Day, opt for red as this is the main color.

Create A Theme

Apart from the common holidays, you can always think outside the box and create a special theme. For instance, an orange throw blanket can be used in a vibrant theme setting. Ensure that all other items in the house are customized to match that specific theme. Keep the theme for a few days, or even weeks, and then switch to another. There are plenty of ideas to use here such as: Animals, fruits, drinks, technology, nature, food and currency.

Get The Best Sunbeam Electric Blanket

In general, follow the basic rules of style and design when using these blankets as decorations. Remember, you can always grab one to keep warm when the weather gets chilly. The quality sunbeam electric blanket in particular is the best for this purpose. You just need to plug it in and enjoy extra warmth. Ensure that you wash the blankets following manufacturer’s specifications. Throw blankets are available in different mixtures of fibers, so make sure that instructions are followed religiously to make the blanket last as much as possible.