Heating Pads and heat Therapy At Home

What home remedies are available for you to use if you have tight muscles or having some issues in controlling muscle spasms? The dependence of taking medicines and pain relievers for such cases should be regulated if not totally abandoned. The use of heating pads are recommended to increase the blood flow in the body which is vital in the immediate treatment of the above mentioned muscle problems. The heat generated can be electric, microwavable, water and chemical.

A Simple Home Remedy

Before the different types of heating pads are available in the market, people would get a bottle of hot water and place in on top of the stressed part of the body. However, this has proven to have a lot of problems since the amount of heat from the bottle is not regulated and will be lost in a matter of time, thus rendering its inefficiency when people needs a longer time of applying to totally ease the pain. The heated bottle cannot be applied immediately since some people are not capable of tolerating a certain level of heat that is coming from a fresh bottle of hot water.

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Traditional Heat Pads

Most people today are still using the electric heating pads. There are coils that are being inserted in the mat or pad and sometime the mats can be removed and washed. It is very easy to use, all you have to do is to plug it in a wall outlet then use the control pad. You can choose the heat settings from low, medium and high. When looking for this type of heat pads, make sure that the chosen item has an automatic shut-off feature. Heat therapy can make most people fall asleep and the last thing that they need is getting burnt. This is a very important feature even if you have to turn it on again every hour or so. It is a small convenience in exchange for your safety while using this handy home accessory.

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Heat Wraps That Can Be Reused

Another alternative version of heating pads that are common at home are the microwaveable heating pads. The heat wraps are filled with natural materials that are microwaveable such as rice, wheat, corn and even beans. Aromatic ingredients are sometimes added and the fabric bag is usually shaped to wrap around the neck of a person or as a pillow. Considering this simple method, most people feel that it is safer and more economical than its electric counterparts.

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Disposable Versions

Disposable heat wraps are used by activating the chemicals inside the pad. The heat last for a few hours and you should dispose it immediately. Usually, this type of heat pad is cut into pieces and then apply it in specific parts of the body. You can wrap it around your body with a Velcro or some have adhesive components after you peel them off. You can use them when you are traveling and you need an immediate source of heat therapy but if you are using them in a regular basis, then it is better to use either the electric or microwaveable heat pads.

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