How to Buy a Cashmere Blanket

Cashmere is a certain type of wool that is most popularly used in a lot of common household items such as blankets, hats and scarves. Cashmere comes from a goat’s undercoat fibers, making it one of the warmest types of wool anybody can find. The common colors of cashmere that can be found are in common shades of brown, grey and white.

Lovely Cashmere Blankets

But before you buy your own choice of cashmere sheets, it is important to learn some necessary details about the product. These details include remarkable features, construction, quality, benefits, and the list may go on and on. And once you have understood the item thoroughly, you’ll know exactly what to look for depending on your personal taste, needs, and comfort level.

There are surprisingly many laws and statutes regarding keeping the integrity of the wool itself such as the 1939’s Wool Products Labeling Act which states that wool cannot be recognized as being cashmere if it does not come from the undercoat of a goat. In this article, you will learn how to buy a cashmere blanket from any store and how to spot the fakes from the real ones.

The Different Grades of Cashmere Blankets

Cashmere wool comes in a vast variety of different grades or quality. To give you a better insight of what these grades are, here is a list that contains the different categories, along with their brief description:

  • Grade A is considered the softest wool that has the color white. In order to qualify for a Grade A label, a cashmere blanket must be made with no more than 14 microns and the cashmere fibers must be hand combed from Inner Mongolia’s goats.
  • Cheaper grades of Cashmere usually don’t feel as soft as a Grade A Cashmere. However, while many cashmere blankets and throws do not state which Grade it is, the minimum they must have on their label is the location of where the wool came from. Remember, wool that comes from Inner Mongolia is considered the best quality of cashmere you will find.


Gray and Red Cashmere Blankets And Throws

Buying a Cashmere Blanket Sale by Price

When it comes to considering the price of a cashmere blanket or throw, price definitely plays a crucial deciding factor. Cashmere can range in price from a few hundred dollars for the poorest quality of cashmere wool used to several thousand dollars for the highest quality of cashmere wool. So, before going out and purchasing cashmere, make sure that you keep the actual price of the wool in the back of your mind.

Original Comfy Baby Cashmere Blanket

Selecting Cashmere by Thickness

Cashmere wool, especially a baby cashmere blanket come in a variety of different thicknesses. The way you can tell a blanket or throws thickness is by looking at the ply number. The ply number is calculated by the number of times pieces of the wool have been twisted together. The higher the ply number, the thicker the cashmere wool blanket or throw. Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to buying cashmere based upon its ply thickness is that the higher the ply number, the higher its price.

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Choose within your Budget

Buying the perfect cashmere involves a few important considerations. The good news is, whether you need a sunbeam electric blanket or a cashmere baby blanket, you can easily purchase it anywhere for the best price that will fit within your budget. However, choosing the right blanket for you will be based solely upon your preference on the price of cashmere, overall ply thickness and quality. Remember, the cheaper the quality of the cashmere, the cheaper the price and vice versa.