How to Make Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets provide extra warmth making them appropriate for cold nights. You can also decide on the blanket’s size. It’s very simple to sew several pieces of fabric together for an extremely large one. In addition, the process of washing fleeces is quite simple. All you’ll be required to do is use cool water in the washing machine to get the desired results. The process involved in making these blankets is not complex at all.

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They have been used since ancient times when men discovered the efficiency of the material to retain heat in very cold places. Technology has developed other alternatives to keep you warm but you can’t really deny not just its effectiveness during freezing nights, but also the classic feel and comfort that you will get when you snuggle inside it.

Selecting the Fabric

When making personalized fleece blankets for use or as gifts, always ensure that you select the appropriate fabric. You’ll basically have two options here. The first is to go for fabric that can be used in double-layered blankets or for fabric that will be used in the single-layered blankets. In the former case, purchase extra fabric.

Consider your tastes, preferences and the size of the bed as well. For kids, you can make a smaller blanket. However, ensure that you make a larger one for an adult. Not to forget, there are several sizes of beds that normally range from Full Size, Queen Size to King Size. Always use a marker that will be removed afterwards when the fleece blankets are washed.

Polyester Fleece Blankets

Making the Blankets

It will basically be much easier to make the blankets that have single layers. In this case, you’ll have several options for the finishing after cutting to the required size. Using blanket stitches is one the best hand-finishing methods at your disposal. If you own a sewing machine, you can go for a decorative finish. Crocheting is more demanding although it will provide a very beautiful aesthetic appeal to the custom fleece blankets.

When making the reversible blanket, also referred to as the double-layered blanket, keenness is required. Ensure that the two pieces are held together correctly. In case they fail to line in a perfect manner, do not worry because you can always cut off the extra pieces later on. When selecting the best pair of fabric to match, wash all of them for a better picture of what to expect from the finished fleece blankets.

How To Make A No Sew Fleece Blankets

Knotted and Braided Edges

You can finish off the edges with knotted or even braided designs. You’ll need to cut out fabric on the corners of the fabric. Then, braid or knot the edges accordingly. This is also the best method of making no sew fleece blankets. For this case, however, you’ll need to cut out fabric around so that you may be able to knot or braid the blanket well. This way, it will be much easier to use and wash.

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In general, braiding a blanket is a very tiresome process. It’s important to practice elsewhere until you’ve mastered the art. Many people do so in the wrong manner which as a result causes the braided edges to loosen up eventually. Making a sunbeam electric blanket can also be achieved through a similar process. Nonetheless, you’ll need to purchase the electric device and fit it between the two pieces of fabric before sewing them together.

Fleece blankets have its own self-proclaimed grandeur that is hard to deny. Tell your friends to create one at home or you can invite them to go on a shopping escapade and capture the warmth and cozy feel when you are wrap with these awesome materials.