Moist Heating Pad

A moist heating pad is often considered the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. However, moist heat therapy is beneficial in easing and eradicating chronic back pain. With moist heat, transfer of heat is much faster than with dry heat. The back pain is often caused by strain, injury or overuse which leads to tension within the spine muscles. The tightness results in a reduced blood circulation and will send the pain signals to the brain. This is perceived as a new injury by the brain and thereby brain muscles are tightened in an effort to have it stabilized. The tightened muscle causes a reduced blood flow and thereby starting the pain spasm pain cycle.

Therall Moist Heating Pad

Heat Therapy

Heat therapy helps break this pain spasm cycle which causes back pain through dilating the blood vessels within the injured area. This allows a greater blood flow containing nutrients and oxygen to the injured location so that it can heal. In addition, warming the area allows the muscle fibers to stretch and relax, aiding flexibility and reducing stiffness. Heat therapy is a very simple and less costly technique and can be applied in a variety of ways including:

  • Hot water baths
  • Moist heating pad
  • Electric heating pads
  • Hydrocollator heat pads

Not all heating pads are similar and so you may wish to consider assessing the moist heating pad reviews. Some products do feature controls which are easy to operate making it easier for patients with arthritis. When looking for a good heating pad type, cost is a major aspect. You can find great deals online for high quality products. Look for products which provide an automatic shut off after a given time period as this feature makes the heating pad safe to use. They come in a wide range of shapes and sizes to suit your specific needs. Some are even blanket shaped to act as a source of heating in cold winter nights.

Soft Heat Moist Heating Pad Reviews

Sunbeam Electric Blanket

When it comes to warmth and comfort, the quality Sunbeam electric blanket definitely one of the most purchased moist heating pad. It is a worthy investment as it is packed with years of experience and innovation. The defects and flaws have been addressed as this blanket type has undergone extensive trial and error. It is quite affordable and also very energy efficient as it contains high quality heating coils. It is integrated with advanced machinery targeting heat directly on specific areas. There are also special sensors which spot the coldest body areas. It minimizes wasted energy and maximizes the comfort level of the body.

Sunbeam King Size Electric Blanket

Electric Moist Heating Pad

Electric moist heating pad is a common moist heat application technique. This heating pad has a protective cover which allows one to place moist clothe between the skin and the pad.

  • It is very handy in relieving muscular pain and most physical therapists utilize them for treatments.
  • Its benefit is that it delivers moist heat which is ideal especially if you suffer from deep tissue pain.
  • This best moist heating pad can be adjusted to attain the desired temperature by a simple thermostat.
  • Some have a built in vibrating system which enables them to make small vibrations and act like a light massage.
  • In combination with the heat, it aids towards healing of tense muscles much faster.

Find The Best Electric Moist Heating Pad

Heat and cold therapies are used in the medical field to relieve various medical conditions especially in relieving muscle pain and increasing body circulation to affected parts. It is imperative have heating pads as part of the first aid kit in your house as emergencies often associated with muscle pain are occurring most of the time.