Pain Relief with a Microwave Heating Pad

If you suffer from chronic back, neck and shoulder pain, then a microwave heating pad may offer you the relief you need. Microwave heating pads can simply be described as pillows or pads that have been filled with grain such as wheat, corn and even rice. When this pad is heated in a microwave it becomes moldable and flexible, and can be used to warm various parts of the body.

Washable Shoulder Heating Pad Microwave

These pads are often purchased in two main shapes, rectangular and square shape. The long rectangular heating pad is the more popular of the two, due to its versatile nature. An efficient heating pad must be small enough to rotate freely and fit effortlessly in a microwave.

Chronic pain and the microwave heating pad

The main essence of these pads is to provide heat therapy for your body; especially in areas where you may be experiencing chronic pain. When a muscle spasms, it compresses blood vessels hence, inhibiting their ability to transport nutrients and blood. The correct transportation of nutrients and blood is necessary for healing to take place. Heat therapy using this kind of pad causes these compressed vessels to dilate thus providing that specific area with the needed blood and nutrients, hence healing and pain relief is experienced.

The heat provided by the neck heating pad microwave and the shoulder heating pad microwave also numbs pain signals being sent to the brain, hence the brain sends fewer pain signals to the spasm muscle, hence giving the muscle quick relief from pain. In a nut shell heating pads help to loosen, relax and warm body muscles. In addition, these pads can also make it easier for you to do regular gentle exercises without feeling too much pain.

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Choosing a microwave heating pad

When it comes to choosing microwave heating pads, the most important consideration is safety and convenience. The pad should also be portable, lightweight and durable. The quality of the pad is also an important consideration to make especially for neck and shoulder microwave pads. When it comes to quality, of key consideration is the wrap or material of the pad, which should be sturdy. Materials such as fleece and cotton would be suitable as they can retain heat for long periods. 

Know More About Herbal Pillows Microwave Heating Pada

The grains inside the pads are also important, pads that cost a low amount of money usually have fillers such as rice which when compared to flax or barley does not retain heat for a long period. Barely and flax fillers also don’t get burnt easily, so you don’t have to worry about overheating.

You should also consider purchasing an herbal pillows microwave heating pad. For instance, those with lavender extracts are also effective in calming the mind and the spirit. So in addition to the relaxation of the muscles, herbal mattress pads may also rejuvenate your mind and spirit. You will absolutely achieve maximum comfort and pain relief if you are able to purchase a complete set of heating pads and herbal pillows.

The Benefits of Microwavable Rice Heating Pads

Other tips

A microwave heating pad can be a great “pain reliever” especially from shoulder, back and neck pains. In addition, a reliable sunbeam electric blanket can also be used to provide you with warmth through cold winter nights. This electric blanket has been gaining a lot of popularity recently especially since more and more consumers find it really helpful and effective. When looking for one, you need to check on quality too, of course. You can easily find it online especially if you do not have a lot of time to shop. Some people use this blanket together with their heating pad for a more utilized therapeutic effect.