Taking Care of a Wool Blanket

A wool blanket is a great option when warmth and dryness are required. The blanket has an interesting history running many years. These types of blankets have been in use over many years and have been used as gifts and at some point in history, as trade currency. It is important to keep the blanket in tiptop shape so that it can serve longer and be effective at it.

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These blankets are also quite expensive, which is another reason why you should do your best to maintain and clean them properly. Once you are able to do this, you will appreciate the benefits of these blankets even more. Make sure you read the care label completely and refer on the user manual if there is any. Listed below are some useful tips that you can use so you can maintain and maximize the benefits of your blankets.

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Cleaning and washing

Most woolen products such as blankets do not do well when they are machine washed or washed in water. This is because most of them will shrink causing the blanket to be more stiff and dense. Eventually the blanket will lose shape and the softness will disappear leading to a need for another blanket. That said, there is a washable wool blanket that is treated with special chemicals and can be washed in water without losing its great qualities or shrinking. It is therefore important that the washing instructions be read and understood before a wool blanket is purchased. This will go a long way in assisting the cleaning process without risking shrinkage.

The best option when it comes to cleaning wool blankets has to be dry cleaning. This is because the process does not involve the use of water and it leaves the blanket soft and fresh. It is essential that the blanket be dry cleaned but it should not be too often as this might weaken the wool and cost a lot of money if the job is being done by professional services. 2 to 4 dry cleanings will do just find in a year. In between the cleanings, a good shake and brushing will be more than adequate to maintain cleanliness.


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Storage and protection

It is important that the threats of the blanket be known. Many insects will feed on wool and a good Pendleton wool blanket can easily be ruined by insects such as moths. To be on the safe side, the blanket, when not in use, should be stored in areas that will protect it from these insects. The use of moth balls and crystals is indispensible when it comes to protecting woolen blankets. Another alternative is placing the blanket in a sealable plastic bag to keep off the insects and moths that might want to lay eggs in the blanket and feed on it. It is crucial to choose a high quality wool blanket. A military wool blanket is one of the best options when it comes to durable products.

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The blanket is made with heavy use in mind and thus has extra qualities that give it longer life. In case there is a need for a warmer blanket, then a comfy sunbeam electric blanket can be considered. This blanket keeps the user warm and is not bulky when being used or when carrying around. With woolen blankets, the most important thing is that they are kept clean and stored away from moths and other insects that feed on wool. Taking good care of the wool blanket will go a long way in giving it a long life in great condition. If you are able to do that, you are guaranteed to use your blanket for the next several years to come.