Types of Heated Throw Blankets

Electric heated throw blankets will keep your toes and body snug when it is cold outside. The changes in world climates have brought more intense blizzards and snowfall as compared to the climate decades ago. These blankets are just the perfect solution to cold wintery freezing nights. These blankets have improved a lot as opposed to those you might remember from your grandparents’ house. There are a variety of these heated throw blankets that come in different sizes as well as colors although their main purpose is to keep you warm during the winter nights.

All About Plush Heated Throw

Types of Heated Throw Blankets

Brightly colored supple sunbeam electric blanket which will ensure that you are kept warm during the winter period.

  • It has a six power cord and it comes in four different types of colors for you to choose from.
  • It features a ten heat setting controller which customizes it so that you can have maximum comfort.
  • It also has a patented thermofine which senses and adjusts the warmth.
  • In addition to the above you can wash this blanket using a machine, has a warranty limit, has a personalized comfort and helps in reducing your winter heating cost.


Safe And Sound Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw

Another type of heated throw blanket is the reliable sunbeam lofttec heated throw which ensure that you experience the best comfy coziness.

  • This blend has the best lofty fabric which takes the heated throws to another level of comfort and extra added warmth for you.
  • It has an exclusive wiring system which senses and adjusts all through the throw for your highest peace of mind.
  • This blanket has other features such as three hours auto off, three heat setting, different colors and fabric weight of two hundred grams in addition to being machine washable.


Know Moe About Heated Throw Blanket

The third type is the sunbeam fleece heated throw which ensures that you relax and curl up in it because of its cozy warmth.

  • Its cuddly and soft fleece material fends off winter chills for you while its thermofine warming structure senses and adjusts to bring consistent warmth for many hours.
  • It is also available in different colors, has a limited warranty, can be washed using a machine and has a prime style controller.


Plush heated throw is another kind of heated throw blanket which will provide you with automatic warmth as you enjoy your sleep.

  • Its fabric is made from ultra-luxurious micro plush which ensures that it is very soft and cozy.
  • You can in fact turn this blanket on while you are reading or even while you are watching your TV so as to feel the ultimate warmth and comfort as you enjoy your reading or your program from the TV.
  • It also has a thermofine warming system which responds automatically to room, bed and body temperature changes.
  • For example, it will send more heat to your feet if they get colder than the other part of your body.
  • In addition it has a prime style controller which is easy to grip, has a three warming setting and it is 100% polyester.


Warm Cozy Sunbeam Lofttec Heated Throw

Throw blankets are ingenious products that are carefully designed and engineered for cold weathers. Aside from their original purpose of providing warmth when sleeping, these blankets have also been widely used in the medical field. They proved to be helping increase the blood circulation of the body making tissue repair faster for wound healing and soothing of swollen muscles. Restoring body temperatures as a result from hypothermia is also another medical benefit of this blanket.

Why stay cold this winter period when you can keep warm with these blankets? Get yourself one today. It is a sure investment that you will not regret and get your money’s worth.