Understanding the Microplush Blanket

Known for being extremely soft, the microplush blanket is a popular choice. These blankets are made using acrylic or polyester, which means they are totally manmade and safe. They are especially woven to be very soft and luxurious and the fabric is chosen accordingly as well.

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About the microplush blanket

These blankets are known for their splendid comfort and extreme softness. They are even softer than a microfleece making it a top choice for those who are looking for the softest type in the market. They are also very light and smooth, which is why they are often described as velvety and luxurious. These blankets also come with excellent properties such as being colorfast and machine washable. They are also resistant to stains, odors and mildew making them quite easy to care for. The only thing to keep in mind is to follow the given instructions so that you do not go wrong while washing or caring for them.

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Buying the microplush blanket

Along with softness, you surely look for other qualities such as warmth especially during the winters. Therefore, it is advisable to buy blankets accordingly. The sunbeam microplush heated blanket, for example, offers softness as well as warmth. This sunbeam luxury microplush blanket can be used in many different ways such as a throw blanket or a regular blanket. There are a lot of available brands that can detect and automatically adjust the temperature of hot and cold spots for an uninterrupted sleep.

The sunbeam electric blanketis highly reliable and easy to use. It has superior quality on softness and warmth that other blankets lack. However, you must remember that no matter how soft and comfortable it may be, the sunbeam microplush electric blanket is not for babies. Babies will not be able to directly communicate whenever overheating occurs and they may suffer severe burns as a result. Toddlers may also end up sleeping on top of the blankets, which is also quite dangerous. You can opt for other types of blankets instead that can be as warm, soft yet safe for your babies.

These blankets also come in different colors suited for different ages. With its different size options, you can buy a blanket for king, queen or twin size bed. There are also those which can be utilized even in outdoors making it perfect for picnics. Just check online for wider selections. They offer a lot of designs that will surely suit your taste at great deals.

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Defuzzing a microplush blanket

Even though these blankets come with numerous benefits, it has been found that they are specifically prone to fuzzing. This means that they may pile on and the threads may break. You can take care of this through simple steps.

  • It is advised that you place the blanket in the dryer along with a wet washcloth and two sheets of fabric softener. Set the dryer on low setting and run it for around 15 minutes. Always keep in mind to use the gentle cycle for defuzzing the blanket.
  • Once the blanket dries, you may place it on a hard area and spread it evenly. Use a lint roller to get rid of any fuzz that has remained. Do the same on both sides of the blanket.
  • You may also use a disposable razor in place of a lint roller or shaver. Hold it at an angle allowing it to skim the surface instead of cutting down to the blanket. Glide the razor carefully along the fabric to remove the fuzz balls.
  • A pumice stone can also be used in removing pilling. Lay the blanket out flat then gently roll the stone over the fuzzy areas. Remember to apply zero pressure and avoid pulling hard when you lift the stone off the blanket.


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This blanket can be the best provider of warmth and comfort when well taken care of. With the few tips given, you are now off to choosing the most compatible blanket for your whole family without worrying much about the fuzz.