What You Should Know About a Fleece Blanket

Many people consider a heavy fleece blanket essential in colder climates. This blanket can withstand several washings and hence, it is ideal for bed and breakfast inns. It can last for a long time because it has durable construction. Another factor that you should consider when it comes to this blanket is that it is available in various colors. Hence, you can choose the one that makes your hotel room look great. If the location of your facility is in an area that has cold climate, this blanket can also help in minimizing your heating costs.

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A closer look

The advantage of a fleece blanket is that it comes in various sizes that can fit all beds. The measurement of twin fleece blankets is 66 x 90, while that of full fleece blankets is 80 x 90. King fleece blankets on the other hand measure 108 x 90 while the measurement of queen fleece blankets is 90 x 90. You will not only help in keeping your hotel guests warm but you will also save some money when you purchase the aforementioned blankets in bulk.

You should always buy them in bulk because extra ones might be necessary when you least expect it. A good hotel should be prepared at all times for all weather changes and a braided fleece blanket can enable it to do so. Not to mention the fact that buying in bulk will definitely help you save a lot of money especially if you are purchasing them directly from a supplier or manufacturer.

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Features to look for

You should consider a few features when you want to purchase a heavy fleece blanket. First, it should be colorfast in order to prevent the color from fading, owing to numerous washings. Double stitching, which helps in minimizing the possibility of fraying, is also another good feature that you should look for. You should also opt for an anti-pill treated blanket because this makes it more durable. Finally, you should look for a blanket that meets the standards that chain hotels have set. The best one does not only meet these standards but it also exceeds them in order to ensure that the quality that you get for your guests is the best. 

High Quality Fleece Blanket Patterns
The benefits of fleece blankets

You think of the word comfort whenever this blanket is mentioned. It denotes snugness and comfort and hence, it is probably among the best types of blankets that you can find in the market. You would definitely fall asleep whenever you have it. However, various fleece blanket patterns such as the tie fleece blanket are also available in the market and the degree of comfort and softness that you want will largely determine the choice that you make.

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More advantages

Fleece blankets can allow moisture to reach the surface by passing through them and this is why they are very popular. They also keep you very comfortable by allowing the air to circulate. In fact, many blankets for babies are made using this material because the fabric has this property. It does not only help in keeping the baby cool and fresh but it also helps in keeping moisture away from him/her. Of course, this means minimizing the possibility of your baby catching a cold or flu.

Unlike a sunbeam electric blanket, a fleece blanket does not fray because its woven quality is unique. Hence, it is ideal for you if you do not like sewing. With all the above mentioned benefits, you surely need to go ahead and purchase some of these blankets real soon. Whether for residential or business purpose, fleece blankets are definitely the best option to consider.