Bed Blankets: Sizes and Available Options

You need good quality, soft and comfortable bed blankets to be able to snuggle each night. It is really a must have especially during winter when nights are uncomfortably cold. While the market has plenty of choices for you, it is important that you understand what options are available such as double bed blankets so that you buy the right size for your bed.

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About bed blankets

Please note that there are actually no standard sizes when it comes to blankets for beds. However, there are approximate sizes that have been devised to make shopping easier for consumers. The following guidelines on common bed size will help you buy the blanket that perfectly or closely fits your bed size.

  • Twin beds: Twin beds generally measure 39 x 76 inches. Blankets for these are about 68 x 86 inches. If you are going for down blankets, you may have to buy longer blankets. 66 x 90 inches measuring blankets are also available for these beds.
  • Full beds: These beds measure 54 x 75 inches. The blankets for these beds measure 80 x 90 inches. You may also buy queen sized blankets for these beds.
  • Queen beds: Queen beds measure 60 x 80 inches. You may buy full size bed blankets for these beds. However, if you would like to buy blankets specifically made for queen-sized beds, you may want to check blankets that measure 86 x 94 inches.
  • King beds: Measuring 78 x 80 inches, these beds are the largest. Thus, the blankets for these beds are also generally the largest available in the market. Blankets measuring 108 x 90 inches are the best choice while you may have other sizes as well including 110 x 96 inches and 108 x 98 inches.


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Why sizes of bed blankets are important

When it comes to bedding, choosing the right size is always very important because anything shorter or larger, or wider or longer can be very uncomfortable. Short blankets may not be enough to cover you while large blankets may pile up. Wide and long blankets may just slide off the bed and look very unappealing while being difficult to use through the night. This is why experts have always advised that you measure your bed and then make a corresponding choice.

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Available options of bed blankets

Aside from the size, blankets may be further classified according to the style and fabric materials they are made from. Each has its own unique properties and features.

  • Cotton blankets are the most popular and versatile blankets you can buy in stores. They can be used in the bedroom, couch or car and available in different styles and colors. Plus, these blankets can be really affordable compared to other blanket types.
  • Down blankets are known for their luxurious designs, durability and comfort. These types of blankets are cool to touch yet warm and cozy when snuggled underneath.
  • Fleece blankets are one of the ultra-soft types of blanket available in the market. These blankets are also lightweight making them ideal for your children. Made from polyester and other synthetic fibers, fleece blankets are also easy to maintain.
  • If you are after durability and reliability, wool blanket is the best for you. They are also very warm making it perfect during winter season. In case you have sensitivity problem on wools, you may buy those which are wool filled but cotton covered.
  • There is also the sunbeam electric blanket, which is an excellent choice for those who want to sleep in a warm bed during winter. These can be heated to your most preferred temperature with its thermostat control.
  • Bed cot blankets are special kind of blankets made for babies. Needless to say, these blankets are typically of superior quality, warm, super soft and comfortable to always ensure a good sleep for your child.

Keep the weather and your requirements in mind when you choose the type and style. While blankets for the bed are available separately, you can also buy sets of bed throws and blankets for cheaper deals.

The Benefits of Double Bed Blankets


It highly recommended to pay attention to the blanket size and the fabric materials used on your beddings to ensure a great night’s sleep. Do not forget to invest in the best available quality though so that the blankets are long lasting and functional.