Bed Blankets: Sizes and Available Options

You need good quality, soft and comfortable bed blankets to be able to snuggle each night. It is really a must have especially during winter when nights are uncomfortably cold. While the market has plenty of choices for you, it is important that you understand what options are available such as double bed blankets so that you buy the right size for your bed.

Black Woven Bed Throws And Blankets

About bed blankets

Please note that there are actually no standard sizes when it comes to blankets for beds. However, there are approximate sizes that have been devised to make shopping easier for consumers. The following guidelines on common bed size will help you buy the blanket that perfectly or closely fits your bed size.

  • Twin beds: Twin beds generally measure 39 x 76 inches. Blankets for these are about 68 x 86 inches. If you are going for down blankets, you may have to buy longer blankets. 66 x 90 inches measuring blankets are also available for these beds.
  • Full beds: These beds measure 54 x 75 inches. The blankets for these beds measure 80 x 90 inches. You may also buy queen sized blankets for these beds.
  • Queen beds: Queen beds measure 60 x 80 inches. You may buy full size bed blankets for these beds. However, if you would like to buy blankets specifically made for queen-sized beds, you may want to check blankets that measure 86 x 94 inches.
  • King beds: Measuring 78 x 80 inches, these beds are the largest. Thus, the blankets for these beds are also generally the largest available in the market. Blankets measuring 108 x 90 inches are the best choice while you may have other sizes as well including 110 x 96 inches and 108 x 98 inches.


Fleece Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Why sizes of bed blankets are important

When it comes to bedding, choosing the right size is always very important because anything shorter or larger, or wider or longer can be very uncomfortable. Short blankets may not be enough to cover you while large blankets may pile up. Wide and long blankets may just slide off the bed and look very unappealing while being difficult to use through the night. This is why experts have always advised that you measure your bed and then make a corresponding choice.

Benefits of Cot Bed Blankets

Available options of bed blankets

Aside from the size, blankets may be further classified according to the style and fabric materials they are made from. Each has its own unique properties and features.

  • Cotton blankets are the most popular and versatile blankets you can buy in stores. They can be used in the bedroom, couch or car and available in different styles and colors. Plus, these blankets can be really affordable compared to other blanket types.
  • Down blankets are known for their luxurious designs, durability and comfort. These types of blankets are cool to touch yet warm and cozy when snuggled underneath.
  • Fleece blankets are one of the ultra-soft types of blanket available in the market. These blankets are also lightweight making them ideal for your children. Made from polyester and other synthetic fibers, fleece blankets are also easy to maintain.
  • If you are after durability and reliability, wool blanket is the best for you. They are also very warm making it perfect during winter season. In case you have sensitivity problem on wools, you may buy those which are wool filled but cotton covered.
  • There is also the sunbeam electric blanket, which is an excellent choice for those who want to sleep in a warm bed during winter. These can be heated to your most preferred temperature with its thermostat control.
  • Bed cot blankets are special kind of blankets made for babies. Needless to say, these blankets are typically of superior quality, warm, super soft and comfortable to always ensure a good sleep for your child.

Keep the weather and your requirements in mind when you choose the type and style. While blankets for the bed are available separately, you can also buy sets of bed throws and blankets for cheaper deals.

The Benefits of Double Bed Blankets


It highly recommended to pay attention to the blanket size and the fabric materials used on your beddings to ensure a great night’s sleep. Do not forget to invest in the best available quality though so that the blankets are long lasting and functional.

Unique Bedding for That Extra Special Home

Unique bedding has taken over the home furnishing market by storm. This is mostly because people have gotten bored of the traditional blankets, pillows and mattresses and are now on the lookout for something new, innovative and unique. With the change of every season, people want to give their homes a complete makeover which includes changing the bedding in their bedrooms. The decor of a room can do volumes to boost a person’s mood and make him feel better. Read on to find out more about the things you should look into before buying unique bedding items.

A Brief Look to Unique Bedding Collections

Things You Need To Know About Unique Bedding

  • The popularity of unique bedding has compelled manufacturers to develop unique ideas for beddings, offering its customers a plethora of choices. This includes sunbeam electric blanket, electric comforters and even unique bedspreads and pillow covers. The advantage of these electric blankets is that they keep you warmer than traditional blankets and are very effective during those harsh winter days.
  • There is no dearth of unique bedding ideas for people looking for them. Remember always to choose bedding that compliments the decor of the bedroom. For example, if you’re gearing up for the summer or spring season, you can opt for pastel shades of bedding. This will give your room a sense of coolness and space.


Find Top Rated Unique Bedding Stores

  • For the winters, colors like beige, brown, dark blue and other darker shades are ideal. You can also opt for the electric comforters and blankets. There are also some very good mattresses that are available in the market.
  • For a kid’s room, you can always consider buying cute bedspreads and pillow covers with their favorite cartoon character or Disney princess printed on them. There are comforters and blankets also available in these designs.
  • If you want something completely unique, you can always get your bedding customized. Many reputed brands offer this service, though you will need to pay a little extra for the products. All you need to do is tell the store keeper what you need along with details on the color, print, size and texture and they will have it made for you. One advantage of doing this is that you can avoid buying mass-produced bedding.


Amazingly Beautiful Unique Bedding

Where to Buy Unique Bedding Collections

The Internet has become so vast that nowadays just about anything can be bought online. Online shopping has become a fad these days and catering to this popularity, many bedding manufacturers have launched an online store, making it convenient for customers to buy their products online.

A quick Google search can help you locate unique bedding stores in your area. Then you can sort out the ones that have online shopping portals. Visiting their sites will give you access to the products they have to offer, the various options they have and the various beddings products that you can buy for your home.

Cute Unique Bedding Ideas

If you don’t mind visiting the store, you can also shop offline for bedding. The advantage of this is that you get exactly what you see. Sometimes, online portals may deliver products that are completely different from what they look like in the pictures.

Always remember to shop around before making any purchase. Unique beddings can be quite expensive and shopping around can help you get the best deal. You can always wait for end season sales where you can avail great deals and discounts. For example, many top brands sell their electric blankets at half the price after the winter season is over. You can always buy one such product and keep it for the next winter when prices of these products will shoot up again.

The Top Picks on Vintage bedding

The vintage bedding normally includes designs that celebrate the long gorgeous patterns, as well as those that celebrate the relatively recent past, and all are special in their own ways. While history aficionados welcoming a baby into the real world will acquire happiness in the many alternatives to them, those people whose tastes are more modern may be tempted to ignore vintage bedding quickly, but they would do that at their own risk.

Vintage Bedroom Design Fascinating Moroccan Style Bedding Ideas

In other words vintage bedding holds a host of various styles and is currently, thanks to tremendous growth of the baby bedding market itself, readily available in a dazzling array of colors. Baby bedding that uses the vintage pattern or any other is quite easy to shop for, although selecting from the vast number of collections that are offered online might prove to be hard indeed. As you intensify your hunt for the perfect style, you should keep in mind that prices can vary wildly from the website of one merchant to the other, so it is good to do a little comparison when shopping.

A majority of consumers quickly discover that they will be better equipped to zero on the right linens for their baby’s room if they have a solid idea concerning the specific colors they wish to use in the space.

Discover Modern Vintage Bedding Design Ideas

The Top Choices

There are numerous options on vintage inspired bedding. Some of these include the following:

  • Crib bedding – Crib bedding can be ridiculously expensive, especially if it is bought separately; oftentimes leaving frustrated parents with sheets that don’t work well together, hence pushing them to purchase additional items that they anticipated from the start. This particular ordeal is especially vexing for those people who are doing their level best to prevent expenses from amplification of control as they struggle to equip their baby’s nursery on a limited budget.


  • Sunbeam electric blanket – Normally when you purchase a sunbeam electronic blanket, it is just a blanket with power button and coils. However, these blankets are prepared with technology that is advanced such as unique sensor that has been specially designed in order to detect the coldest parts of your body, and its objective is to aim the extra heat directly to those cold regions. Thus, this implies that if your feet or hands are cold they will be heated faster than your warmer core.


  • Modern vintage bedding – Nowadays, modern vintage style bedding is designed for the busy active parent and the baby. It is durable, safe and machine washable. Hence, this gives parents that guarantee they need when shopping for this bedding that they will in fact be able to select from a variety of colors and styles. 


Pink Girls Vintage Bedding Sets

  • Girl’s vintage style bedding –There are quite many different types of girls vintage bedding for you to select from. Any of these styles provides the opportunity for your girl’s desires and personality for a truly customized space to surface. You can complement the adorable bedding with a full selection of room décor such as lettering, shelving and mirrors, throw blankets or monogrammed pillows.


  • Vintage bedding collections – A new trend in bedding offers your baby the opportunity to create and enjoy the extraordinary space. The current impressive trends in vintage collections are really perfect for your young one.


Floral Vintage Bedding Collections

Vintage Style – The Only Way to Go

Undoubtedly, vintage depicts luxury, warmth, elegance, and beauty. And with all these fantastic qualities, there should be no reason for you not to get a vintage inspired bedding anymore. Once you decorate every room in your home with this, there is no doubt that your ordinary interior will look extra special. So don’t hesitate and buy a few pieces today – tons of exciting options are waiting for you in stores!

Country Bedding Designs

Country bedding is one of the most attractive parts of using country décor within your bedroom. In fact, it is one of the high points of country style. This is because of one thing: its cover. They have been around for years and when it comes to warmth it is quite pleasant. When you set out to apply country décor within your bedroom, the best place to start will be the cover; you can use it with inspiration of various patterns and colors. One can choose these bedding from various décor and styles.

Buy Primitive Country Bedding Online

French décor

A popular style of decorating homes nowadays would be to use French country bedding. What does this imply? From the country French, it is an old country which is warm, attractive and a little rustic. It covers colors that range from gold, yellow to burnt orange with many sunny elements. However, included in these bright colors are the few duller shades of gray and black which highlight the bright colors neatly.

One major option you can consider when looking for such French bedding is the Ballard French country black cotton cover. This has a different look from most traditional comforters and is also found in many homes today. Its cream background with a floral pattern would be a perfect example of what a French decorating scheme is. More than the elegant pattern is the soft and inviting cotton feel. Having it as new country bedding will be one of the best options.

French Country Bedding Design Ideas

Electric blanket

To add a little comfort and more warmth, one can use sunbeam electric blanket which has quite a special feature. It has sensors that can detect the cold parts of your body then sends signals to the blanket to heat them. This blanket also heats up very fast; most times it takes only a few minutes for one to start feeling warmer just like little birds within their nest.

The blanket is also desirable since it has a soft friendly fabric surface. This makes it feel like any other normal daily blanket. You will not feel any wiring elements inside it at all. This has been achieved through the manufacturer’s advanced warming technology. You can also find it in any color scheme you will want.

Cozy Country Bedding Collections

Primitive décor

Primitive country bedding is another beautiful style of country décor. It creates great contrasts especially with amazing relics from the past which seem modern. When marched with the right primitive furniture, it will create a beautiful and timeless character. In the bedroom, you can also purchase primitive country bed frames, armoires and dressers. If you use them it will create wonderful contrasts between the new and old.

Western Country Bedding

Nowadays it is simple to obtain country bedding collections through the internet. You can find one that offers a native old-fashioned house design. Even if it is used as a bed cover, traditional bedspread or quilt it will add a distinctive color to your room. If you are looking for the best way to improve the inside of your home then you will have to appreciate such country bedding.

Enhancing your room’s appearance with teal bedding

Teal is one of the most stunning colors in existence. It is just the perfect shade between blue and green particularly for those people who like neither blue nor green. Thus getting teal bedding to enhance the appearance of your bedroom would prove to be a very smart idea. There are many ways you can make teal work for you in the bedroom. It might be pretty hard to get the color up on the walls but everything else in the room could be made from this awesome color.

Luxurious Brown And Teal Bedding

The Perfect Variation of Teal

Perhaps the fact that teal is a cross between two colors is the best thing about this color. This means that you can get a tone that is more of one color than the other. In the case of teal you can go for teal blue. This is simply teal that is more of blue than green. So if you are one of those people who prefer blue than any other color you can get teal bedding that is exactly that shade that you like it in. If you can get teal blue then it is also possible to get teal that is more of green than blue.

Look For Coral And Teal Bedding

Combining Teal With Other Colors

The thing about teal is that it goes perfectly with a number of colors especially light ones. If you decide to get yourself a pair of teal sheets and pillow cases, you can match it with some other color like brown. While you can get a dark shade of brown to complement the teal bed sheets, light brown and teal bedding might prove a little bit more convenient.

Teal is a personal favorite for many interior designers. Therefore, getting in touch with your designer will prove to be a wise idea. An interior designer is in a position to inform you on how to combine your nice teal Sunbeam electric blanket with another color to get the perfect color. Did you know that the color scheme of your room can have a tremendous effect on your mood?

Comfy Teal Sunbeam Electric Blanket For Kids

Getting coral and teal bedding, for instance, is a great idea because generally teal is a dark color on its own. Coral on the other hand is quite light- depending on the shade you get. Light colors tend to enhance one’s mood when they awake. But then again, coral being a shade of orange, it might not rhyme well with lighter shades of teal.

Black and teal bedding is also good combination considering that black is a neutral color. It can go with just about any other color that you think of. The problem with this combination, however, is that it tends to be a little bit too dark. What you can do is get a lighter tone of teal if you must use black.

Classic Black And Teal Bedding For Couple

Benefits That You Can Consider

Basically, the benefits of choosing to buy teal bedding are many; here are some that you can consider to improve your bedroom experience:

  • You are exposed to a variety of options- teal comes in many different shades
  • Teal is a unique color but readily available
  • It is possible to combine it with numerous other colors like black and brown
  • It is the perfect choice for those people who cannot decide between blue or green for their bedding


Create a different twist of magical color combination inside your bedroom and highlight them with teal bedding. Improve your mood every time you wake up by making a smart choice in every move. Your choice can make or break the overall ambiance of a room and it gives you the chance to think outside the box.

How to Match Best Colors for Turquoise Bedding

Coming in bold green colors, turquoise is a perfect addition to any part of the room, including turquoise bedding. When used on the bedding, there is no denying that it changes the feel and look in your bedroom depending largely on the color you have used on everything on the room from floor to the curtains. Even though the use of turquoise bedding keeps rising, not everyone knows what colors go best with it in the bedroom. Here are simple tips to help you out.

Beautiful Turquoise Bedding For GirlsOn the walls

If you have black and turquoise bedding for instance, then you may consider using the same color to paint the entire room. This is because having the same color on your wall will make your room look larger and spacious. To add some element of color interest using the same color walls and curtain, you may consider choosing beddings with texture. Turquoise particularly goes well with walls painted in yellow, grey or brown, or any other shade of white like off-white or cream. Whatever your taste, you can never go wrong with these choices.


Discover The Cozy Turquoise King Size Bedding SetsOn the curtains

Just like the walls, you can get creative and come up with a harmonious bedroom that matches the color of the wall with those of the curtains. Besides using turquoise on your bedding, the other colors that you can use of on your curtains, pillowcase, comforters and blankets include but not limited to yellow, lime green and brown or grey, especially if your room is a bit larger. These same colors can also be used on other type of blankets such as sunbeam electric blanket. You can also never go wrong with off-white or cream. They are a perfect choice, especially as turquoise bedding for girls.

Lovely Black And Turquoise BeddingFlooring

When decorating your bedroom, you should always consider your floor as well. In the case of turquoise bedding, an ideal choice would be lighter flooring. Irrespective of whether you have laminate of hardwood flooring, an area rag or wall-to-wall carpet, light colors are a good choice over dark ones. Apart from mixing and matching your turquoise bed, lighter colors also open up your room, making it appear larger.

Fresh and Youthful Turquoise Bedding SetsThe Furniture

Furniture is another important of the bedroom and one that must be given serious consideration when using turquoise materials like beddings. However, the choice of your bedroom furniture can either make or break the experience. If yours is a larger bedroom, you may consider using furniture that is painted in darker colors such as mahogany of walnut finish. Whether you have a large or smaller bedroom you can never go wrong with wooden furniture painted in white color. Wrought iron also goes well with turquoise bedding. Turquoise is a daring and vibrant color scheme that blends well with almost any kind of color scheme.

Whether your preference is teal blue, vibrant turquoise, qua blue or sea green, you can add a taste of class and sophistication by adding it on your bedding. For a modern urban décor, combining turquoise with chocolate creates a dramatic effect in the bedroom. You can add a touch of top-notch finish by using turquoise bedding sets king.

Choosing the Best Twin Bedding

Twin bedding is the best choice for parents who have two girls or two boys who share the same room. Most of the time, brothers or sisters want to have the same sizes and themes. This is why choosing the proper bedding sets are the wisest thing to do. For the best quality bedding, parents should make sure that the bedding sets are made of high quality fabrics and materials.

Lady Bug Extra Long Twin Bedding

Main Criteria of Good Quality Twin Bedding Sets

Some online stores provide complete sets of twin sets of bedding that include bed sheets, mattress and bed covers. For more expensive options, there are also a piece of comforter, bed skirt, and even pillowcases. Definitely, there will be higher prices that parents have to spend for all of them. There are benefits of buying complete sets of twin bedding because they can create a more enhancing look within the room. It is more convenient in buying complete sets as parents do not have to find mix and match different sets of sheets and bed covers, for example.

Luxurious Purple Twin Bedding Sets

Twin Sets of Bedding for Girls or Boys

Choosing the best girls twin bedding are not that complicated. Girls can enjoy pink themed bedding sets are also natural patterns. For younger girls, they usually prefer to have cartoon characters for their bedding sets like Barbie, Snow White and so forth. Older girls may want to have simple, yet elegant bedding sets like floral patterns in soft colors like teal, pastel, or ivory for a fresher look of the room.

For boys, parents can choose cartoon characters as well when they are still younger kids. They include super hero characters, soccer or basketball teams, or other sport themed beddings. It is rare to find boys who want to have neutral colors of the rooms like checkered or strip patterns, though they are still very applicable for boys rooms.

Some parents even choose extra long twin bedding. It is perfect for bigger bed size where parents may want to place the twin bedding adjacent to each other. It may apply to parents who have smaller kids so that they will not fall down to the floor. They only have to place the beds right on the walls for much safer condition.

Pink Twin Bedding Set For Girls

Comfortable Fabrics

This is another important aspect that all parents should consider prior to choosing the best bedding sets for their kids. Best fabrics may include:

  • Pure polyester for bed skirt and comforter
  • Pure cotton for sheets
  • Pure silk or velvet for the flat sheet


Shop for Twin Size Fashion Bedding

They can provide comfort feeling for all users during warmer months. However, parents may want to add sunbeam electric blanket during colder months. The blanket is the perfect choice for everyone to feel warm. Some electric blankets boost high level of luxury with silky-based fabrics. The most important thing is that, users can adjust the temperatures based on their references. Such blankets are safe to wash though users should read the manuals, prior to washing.

Whichever kinds of twin bedding that parents want to buy, they have to make sure that they buy them from well-reputed online stores which provide money-back guarantee. This is to ensure that the bedding sets that they buy are in high quality.