Electric Throw

The electric throw blanket was created early on 1900s, but these bedspreads were considered controversial back then. By 1912, these blankets were mainly used at tuberculosis sanitarium, a place patients were oftentimes instructed to sleep outside in order to get adequate air. Following a number of years for improvement, the first automatic consumer-friendly electric throw blanket with automatic feature and a thermostat was marketed in around 1937. The term ‘electric blanket’ was first used in the 1950s, when demanded went up for this particular comfortable product. Nowadays, the technology available on this type of blanket will astonish you!

Cutomized Sunbeam Heated Fleece Electric Throw

Sunbeam Electric Blankets

The electric blankets by Sunbeam are the ones you can truly rely on. They usually offer a wide range of models, but the one that is most luxurious is the Safe and Sound’ electric blankets. These blankets of pure wool are designed to underlay beneath consumers comforters, unlike other blankets that don’t allow you to cover them and are meant to be more of a throw blanket.

When shopping for electric throw blankets, you should consider such as warranties, size, safety, color, temperature control, machine washable features, fabric, and drying durability and many more. You will realize later on that you have invested wisely on the right blanket because of the comfort it brings but still saving on energy bills.

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Sunbeam electric blanket

Usually when you purchase the sunbeam electric blanket, it is has several coils and power buttons. However, this particular blanket is outfitted with highly developed technology such as the special sensors that has been uniquely intended to sense the coldest areas of your body, and its aim is to target additional heat directly to those colder parts. Therefore, this means that if your feet or hands are cold they will be heated faster than your warmer core. This works to reduce any energy that is wasted and increases the overall comfort of the consumer. Furthermore, most of the models that are made by Sunbeam feature a special feature known as Thermo Fine Warming Technology. With this new and radical technology you will discover that the heating elements and the wires are much minimized so they might appear invisible.

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Sunbeam heated plush electric throw

When it comes to warmth and comfort, the sunbeam heated plush electric throw is definitely on top of the list of most bought merchandise. The manufactured goods assist you snuggle into a bed warmly and comfortably. They offer the sense of warmth and comfort like no other brands can provide. However, the history of this electric throw is not as pleasing as it sounds. The old ones were dangerous to use. But with the advancement in technology they are now safe to use.

Classic Brown Sunbeam Heated Plush Electric Throw

Sunbeam fleece electric throw

Fleece is always a common material because it is ultra-soft and provides excellent warmth and is to care for. Most individuals choose the sunbeam heated fleece electric throw for their adjustable beds.


The Biddeford electric throw

Using the biddeford electric throw during those cold winter nights is an incredible way to stay comfortable and warm and conserve energy while you sleep. You can really get the comfort you desire from these rechargeable throws.

Thick blankets are very useful in people’s lives especially in places with winter seasons lasting several months. The use of electrical warm throw blankets makes it more convenient to get comfortable and stay warm during freezing nights. They are easy to use and easy to maintain. You can easily operate them by setting them to increase its temperatures and they stay warm for longer hours. Buying these blankets for you and your family can be a good investment on your part since winter season is a cycle that repeats every year.