How to Jazz Up Plush Blankets

Many people consider plush blankets because they are among the most practical and hottest gifts that they can give to their loved ones including their kids. These soft blankets are expensive and durable as long as they receive proper care. They are available in different designs and colors and hence, people without an artistic flair can choose the right ones to give as gifts. However, you can choose a plush blanket or fabric without a design if you want your gift to be unique and more personal. The following are some ideas on how you can jazz up these blankets.

Avengers Plush Blankets For Kids

  • If you want to customize or personalize plush blankets, you can put the recipients’ names on them. If the recipients are many, you should give them expensive and soft blankets that have their initials or names on them. You can stitch the blankets yourself if you have an embroidery machine. However, you should engage the services of a professional if you have no idea about needle-craft or you do not have enough time.


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  • If you do not consider embroidering on the plush blankets as exciting enough, you should think of adding metallic beads, gems, stars, or even crystals. Buying a plain plush blanket and decorating it in order to match the motif or theme of the recipient’s room or your bedroom would be cost effective. For example, if you want to give these blankets to a little girl, you can consider putting flowers at the edges of the sheet, spread or throw. The addition of a crown that is made by using metallic stars or crystals on an expensive blanket is a perfect gift that is ideal for the most important person in your life.


  • If you want to avoid damaging the fabric of these blankets, you can still put the gifts in a funky container or use them as material for any of your artistic creations. For instance, you can form micro plush blankets into flowers like tulips in order to make up floral bouquets from several colorful blankets. This can be a perfect gift for your in-laws or boss.


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Unique plush blankets for kids

The experience of buying a gift for your loved ones is always nice especially if the person you are giving it to is a small baby. Many people always prefer clothes, toys and other common gifts when they are buying gifts for babies. However, you should consider some unique gift ideas for your baby such as plush baby blankets.

Many people usually overlook plush blankets for kids even though they are unique gifts. These blankets are not only ideal for baby showers but they are also extremely useful for babies because they help in providing an emotional sanctuary for them. These unique blankets are very affordable and they are available in a variety of colors and makes.

Cute Animal Plush Baby Blankets

When it comes to the colors of these blankets, softer colors such as aqua green, sky blue, and pink are more popular. Most mothers prefer knitted snuggle sleeved ones because they are comfortable for their babies. They can also find dyed and woven ones in addition to the knitted ones.

You can also buy a sunbeam electric blanket for your baby because it looks very beautiful. Alternatively, you can buy a blanket that has animal shapes on it and ensure that it does not cause any harm to your baby by taking note of its pattern and stitches.