Important Electric Blanket Safety Guidelines

The use of electric bedding is very popular nowadays. They are effective in keeping you warm in your bed while lowering your energy consumption. They have controls and are plugged-in directly into an electrical outlet. For this reason, that goes the same for every item or appliance that runs on electricity, safety standards should be implemented and create an awareness of the owners. Electric blanket safety guidelines are very easy to follow and remember. Most of them are overlooked but can be very simple in nature.

Electric Blankets Safety Guidelines

These guidelines will serve as very important reminders to ensure the safety of electric blankets when used.

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  • The people who are allowed to use them are adults. Very small children that cannot communicate properly are also not allowed. People who cannot feel pain, people with disabilities and people who cannot understand the instructions of the electric bedding are not permitted to use them.

  • The control cord must not go between the box springs and the mattress. The chord can be exposed to friction that in turn create a spark. If the spark has nowhere to go, then it turns into a fire hazard.

  • There are heating wires inside the mattress. Make sure that none of these wires are pinched to avoid getting electrocuted from an exposed live wire.

  • Do not let the heated bedding stay trapped in the bedding mattress for a long time. Thus, folding and adjustable beds are not highly recommended for use.

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  • Avoid overheating by not using the heated blanket and mattress at the same time.

  • In the process of storing. Make sure to create a loose loop when wrapping the cord around the control for storage.

  • Your pets should never go near the blankets. You may put your pet in danger if they will chew or bite the mattress that houses the wirings. This will make the electric blanket unusable because of the punctures from your pet’s teeth.

  • Pins and other sharp and pointed items should be kept away from the heated blanket.

These are some of the overlooked and important electric blanket safety guidelines. Furthermore, make sure that the device is turned off when not in use. Avoid wet areas or spilling water on the blanket.

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Care and Maintenance

You may think that the bedding needs to be cleaned just like a regular bedroom mattress or bedding. This is very wrong and very dangerous at some point. You should be able to remember the caring and maintenance tips because most of them are common sense.

  • Ironing the blanket will melt the wire inside the mattress. In fact, most owner never iron their electric bedding for the purpose of not making any issue with the heated wire.

  • Do not use cleaning fluid or dry clean the blanket.

  • Never use the electric blanket on a water bed.

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Electric blankets produce a significant amount of electromagnetic field. Make sure to research more with regards to the electric blanket safety emf guidelines and procedures.

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