Keep Warm with the Heated Mattress Pad Queen

 Your queen size bed is probably your greatest source of comfort and rest when you are tired and worn out from the day’s activities. Your bed can also offer you warmth and comfort during chilly nights, but if you want sufficient warmth during cold winter days, you should opt for a heated mattress pad queen.

If this kind of mattress still sounds unfamiliar to you, this article can help you out. Find out more about this mattress and how it works, as well as the benefits and advantages that you can get from it.

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A closer look to heated mattress pad

Heated mattress pads were developed as an alternative to electric blankets. Unlike the electric blankets that provide heat over the body, mattress pads provide heat underneath the body. These pads are utilized in two main ways; you may choose to set them on prior to jumping into bed, so as to avoid the shock of getting into cold sheets. Alternatively you may also turn the heated mattress pad queen on the whole night, so that you stay warm and cozy throughout the night.

According to most customers’ reviews, the previous versions of mattress pads were uncomfortable to use. This was as a result of the wires that were used in the pads. Later versions of the queen heated mattress pad had cushioned and much smaller wires, thus provided adequate comfort. The latest versions of heated mattress have temperature control settings and are also energy sufficient thus helping customers cut back on huge heating costs.

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Why use it

Apart from being warmer than plain blankets and comforters, a queen size heated mattress pad is also a great bedroom asset for people suffering from arthritis; as these pads will keep them warm enough to deter the aches and pains caused by the cold. These pads are also great in deterring body stiffness and colds that are often a result of cold nights. Mattress pads such the sunbeam heated mattress pad queen size can assist you to wake up every morning feeling rejuvenated, fresh and even healthy without experiencing any cold related pain or aches.

Queen size


Just like the sunbeam electric blanket, sunbeam heated mattress pads come in a variety of sizes. For instance if you have a queen size bed, then a heated mattress pad queen also known as the extra large size would be ideal for you. The queen size mattress pads are 60 inches by 80 inches in size, and are larger and longer than a normal sized bed, but shorter than the king size. The fact that the queen size is large makes it ideal to cozy in with comfort. You can easily and comfortably lie down at night knowing that your bed is more than enough to accommodate you.

Additional features

Apart from the temperature control feature that is in almost all heating mattress pads, these mattress pads may also possess other “attractive” features such as dual controls. This allows partners sharing the mattress pad to set their own temperature according to their preference, hence eliminating the issue of one partner experiencing more warmth than they would desire.

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These mattress pads may also be machine washable, and may also have automatic controls whereby when sufficient temperature levels are reached the pads shut off to save on energy and to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

The heated mattress pad queen give you sufficient warm, at a low cost while forgoing heavy covers and blankets. If you haven’t tried using one yet, it’s about time you should and be able to experience comfort and warmth at a different level.