The Ups And Downs Of An Electric Blanket

Did you know that the first electric blanket was invented way back in 1912? This blanket is an ordinary blanket that you use in the bedroom. The difference is the heating device that is place on the top cover of the sheet. Alternatively, the heating device is place at the bottom sheet in UK which is commonly known as an electric mattress pad. These electric blankets have temperature controls that is usually used to preheat the bed or keep the person warm.

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How Does It Work?

The electric blanket works in a very simple and straight forward manner. The fabric of the blanket is inserted with an insulated wire that warms the blanket when it is plugged in to an electrical outlet. You can control and manage the amount of heat flow that you want with a controlling device that is located between the outlet and the sheet or mattress. Some electric throw blanket may look bulky because of the insulated wire inside which is why the latest blanket uses carbon fiber wires. This is the same carbon fiber that is being used in some luxury or high-end heated car seats. They are less bulky and conspicuous compared to the older versions.

Safety Issues

If you are out in the market looking for the best electric blanket, then you can check out the Sunbeam electric blanket brand. It is a famous name that has been in service for years that most people have gone to trust. It is worth mentioning the blanket’s safety issues to create an awareness and prevent unnecessary accidents and inconveniences.

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  • Make sure you purchase the latest heating blankets. Older versions does not have an auto shutoff feature. This will prevent the blanket to overheat and catch fire. Make sure the blanket is made after 2001.

  • Old and worn out electric blankets are susceptible to catch fire. The combination of heat and electricity that comes in contact with a flammable material, can put the person at a high risk.

  • Children, diabetic people and the elderly are not encouraged to use an electric blanket. According to most electric blanket reviews, children and the elderly cannot react immediately to the burning sensation caused by the heated blanket and the diabetic people are virtually unaware of it, thus creating serious burns and injuries.

  • Always check the voltage of the blanket. They can range from 12-24 volts or 110/240 volts. The lower voltage are preferred since they are safer to use in the long run.

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Cost Effective Accessory

The electric blanket today is far more better when compared to the first introduced version. They are chosen so that people in the colder region can conserve energy while staying warm. It allows people to turn off or lower down their thermostat in the room and save a significant amount in their electrical bill. This is also always present in places where their source of heat inside the room is limited or not functioning properly. You can also take it out in camps and cross country hiking where the temperature can significantly drop at certain levels at night.

The electric blanket is a quick and easy way to get warmed up. When compared to the traditional thermostat and heating system, you don’t need to wait for the rest of the room temperature to be acceptable before you feel comfortable and rest. It is practical and they come in different colors and designs which will naturally blend in to your room’s interior décor. Just take note of the important safety precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents because after all, it is an electric equipment just like any electric device at home.