Stadium Blankets for that Comfy Game

Stadium blankets are generally considered as outdoor blankets, but with changing times they are no longer considered just as staple to keep body warm in the bleachers. They are now widely use by businesses for promoting their products or services in the most cost effective way. These custom stadium blankets are available in different prices ranges and styles and are usually thick to serve their purpose. You can even get them in multiple colors, and they have a wide printable area that allows buyers to customize them with ease. Companies can imprint their name, logo of favorite football team and so on.

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Its many uses

Stadium blankets can also be best fundraisers for charity organizations, schools or even a team. Blankets are quite popular and one of the most popular options that can meet every need. Sweatshirt style, Polar, Fleece, Blanket Ponchos, Water Resistant, Plush Blankets, Blanket Cushions, and so on. You can easily roll them to ensure easy carry off, and can even toss them in a trunk. Many sellers of these blankets are online and have lower minimums allowing buyers to order and sell quickly. These blankets also make a perfect corporate giveaway or gift.

Wool stadium blankets are available in different colors, shapes and fabrics. They are usually made of washable wool and cotton, and some of them are also made using fabrics such as acrylic, fleece and polyester. Most of these blankets are available in sizes similar to that of throw blankets and thus their size is generally 50X60 inches.

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Main features

The prime attributes of stadium blankets waterproof are complete durability and portability offered by them. Additionally, users can easily clean them and they are also easy to carry around. Users can easily roll them up and carry on their shoulders as they move from one place to another. Many new blankets now come with special attached bags, so they can be easily folded and snugly fitted into these bags. Many of these blankets are warm and very lightweight, which is the main reason why they are preferred.

You can also consider sunbeam electric blanket as it comes with a lighted controller that has custom heat options and settings to ensure personalized comfort. They come with an easy to operate dial. Turn down thermostat and just relax in the comfort and warmth. Save more on your heating bills by using your electric blanket and lower your thermostat down by 10-15% as you sleep. These blankets have 10 percent cotton and 90 percent polyester. Their thermofine warming mechanism auto adjusts and keeps temperature constant.

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Buying tips

You can get a huge variety on many online stores. The best thing about these stores is that you can choose your designs right from the comforts of your home. In fact, now you can even get stadium blankets that are water-resistant on one of their sides. Therefore, users can even spread them over wet bleachers or a damp grass. This means, you can even use these blankets as picnic blankets. Most of these blankets are quite small in size and thus users can easily wrap them around their legs to keep themselves warm and cozy. You can even give away these blankets as personalized gifts after customizing them as per your needs.

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When buying these blankets, make sure you carefully examine the quality and the kind of material used. You can also look for sellers or shops that are selling them in bulk so you can get a considerable discount. This is very ideal for those who are planning to purchase several blankets, especially for companies and organizations. With just a bit of creativity and imagination, you can sure come up with a unique giveaway that your customers can definitely remember for a long time.