Throw Blanket Decorating Ideas

There are many uses for the throw blanket at home. It’s mainly designed for snuggling when a person is reading a book or watching a movie. However, these types of blankets can also be used for decorative purposes. They are made from different fabrics and are normally available in several colors. When used appropriately, they can easily jazz up a dull space. Here are some ideas that anyone with such a blanket can use.

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Select Correct Color

Color combination is an important element in design. When purchasing this type of blanket, consider the colors in your home. The blanket needs to blend in with the interior design and furniture. A rule to follow is to always go for dark colors for down throw blanket pieces. This is because they will be stepped on frequently. As a result, they will accumulate a lot of dirt quickly. For blankets to be used in the bedroom, go for brighter colors. Yellow and green are more appropriate for the living room. Check out lifestyle channels, sites and literatures because you will be able to gather the most recommended color combination and you can be updated every now and then. These sources can be your guide even if you are not an expert in this field.

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Adding Visual Interest

This can be achieved by using the throw blanket at different areas in the house. For the bedroom, you can place the blanket at the bed’s foot. This will make the space appear more interesting by enhancing the visual appeal. Such a blanket will also serve the purpose of providing a stepping area when sitting on the bed particularly during cold weathers. For the living room, you can place it next to the main couch, poof or rocking chair.

A coral throw blanket will fit perfectly in the study area. Such a design will appeal to the eyes and provide a reader with a relaxing effect. This will prove to be worthwhile during long study sessions. It has a soothing effect to the person, allowing a better ambience to concentrate on the reading material.

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Match with Occasions

Another great way of using these types of blankets is by matching them to occasions. Festivities like Easter and Christmas demand plenty of decorations. You can use a throw blanket to complement the other decorations you’ll be using. Purchase several blankets for the various holidays throughout the year. Use them in rotation accordingly. For Christmas, get a blanket that has a snowman decoration. For Easter, get blankets with bunny images. For Valentine’s Day, opt for red as this is the main color.

Create A Theme

Apart from the common holidays, you can always think outside the box and create a special theme. For instance, an orange throw blanket can be used in a vibrant theme setting. Ensure that all other items in the house are customized to match that specific theme. Keep the theme for a few days, or even weeks, and then switch to another. There are plenty of ideas to use here such as: Animals, fruits, drinks, technology, nature, food and currency.

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In general, follow the basic rules of style and design when using these blankets as decorations. Remember, you can always grab one to keep warm when the weather gets chilly. The quality sunbeam electric blanket in particular is the best for this purpose. You just need to plug it in and enjoy extra warmth. Ensure that you wash the blankets following manufacturer’s specifications. Throw blankets are available in different mixtures of fibers, so make sure that instructions are followed religiously to make the blanket last as much as possible.