Understanding Mink Blankets

Korean mink blankets or simply mink blankets are animal-friendly. They may be named ‘mink’ but in reality they are manmade. These blankets are made with a special blend of polyester and acrylic. The only reason why they are named mink is because they are highly luxurious and soft, just like mink fur is. Therefore, if you are an animal lover, you do not have to feel an ethical conundrum. Real mink fur is not used to make these blankets. These blankets are also very durable and reliable.

Pink Acrylic Mink Blankets

Buying mink blankets

The market has many styles for you to choose from. Therefore, you have to decide first what you are looking for. Since these are very soft and comfortable, they are more popularly bought for babies and kids. If you would like to buy baby mink blanketsas well, you should look at top stores or over the Internet. Baby blankets are generally patterned and themed giving you an entire range to choose from.

You also have to keep your budget in mind because these blankets can be really expensive. The Royal Mink is the most expensive option. It fits a queen-sized bed and it is a heated option. Other types are less expensive compared to this one. You can find different styles for all sizes of beds. Consider the sunbeam electric blanket if you want to go for Royal Mink. Keep in mind that these blankets come in various grades. While it is okay to want to save some money, buying low-grade blankets is not ideal because they would not be durable or comfortable. Checking online and comparing rates will enable you to make a smarter choice.

Super Soft Mink Blankets For Babies

Washing mink blankets

  • You may have your acrylic mink blanketscleaned professionally or you may use the machine. It is best to send them to a professional dry cleaner if they are heavily stained.
  • If you are washing your blanket at home, you need not to use fabric softener or bleach. Your regular detergent is more than enough. Avoid harsh detergents though as it can reduce the life of your blanket.
  • It is not advisable to use warm or hot water for these blankets. Cold water will do the job while protecting the color of your blankets.
  • In washing, run a dry rug over them avoiding circular movements as these can break the hair of the blanket. Apply an even and firm force following the direction of the fur to clean them thoroughly.
  • The cycle setting should be very gentle (delicate), almost like you are hand-washing the blanket.


Elegant Mink Blankets

Drying mink blankets

  • If you are using the dryer to dry your blankets, make sure the setting is at the lowest. Dry the blankets for about one hour at this setting.
  • Turn the dryer into a setting with no heat. Keep in mind that using high temperatures will cause the blankets to change shape or may even melt because these blankets are essentially plastic.
  • Do not leave the blanket in the dryer after the cycle is complete. Remove it immediately.
  • Tumble-dry is an excellent option. It will dry your blanket and it will not alter the softness of your blanket either.


Red Korean Mink Blankets


Since these special blankets are extremely soft, you have to take extra care so that the color remains intact and they stay just as soft. Misuse or carelessness can ruin the blanket that is why it is advisable that you follow the aforementioned tips. It would also be a good idea to check with the manufacturer about the washing and caring needs of the blankets.