A Basic Guide to Using the Heat Blanket

The heat blanket is made of insulated wires. These wires heat the blanket and provide the user with comfort and protection from cold. The wires are directly connected to a thermostat that you can use to control the temperature according to your comfort level. The thermostat is then connected to the socket, which provides the electricity.

Reliable Soft Heat Warming Blanket

Buying the heat blanket

Buying an electric heat blanket requires some consideration. The first thing to think about is the control. The thermostat controls should be easy to understand and use so that they will not cause confusion. If you are buying a soft heat warming blanket for a king or queen-sized bed, it is advisable that you go for one that comes with dual controls. Another thing to keep in mind while making your purchase is the cleaning and caring. Buy blankets that can be washed at home safely.

Keep in mind that not all blankets are the same. Some blankets are bed warmers while others are simple blankets. Bed warmers are blankets that will heat your bed and make it comfortable for you. When it is time to go to bed, you have to switch off the blanket. The simple soft heat blanketrequires you to keep it on like an ordinary blanket while you sleep. It is not advisable to buy used blankets. Always invest in quality blankets such as the sunbeam electric blanket so that it is safe and easy to use.

Zebra Style Sunbeam Heat Blanket

Advantages of using heat blanket

The biggest advantage of such blankets is a good night’s sleep even when the temperatures are plunging. What makes it also great is that these blankets provide pain relief. People suffering with muscle pains and joint pains have known to be benefitted. Thus, people suffering from arthritis and other such problems can use these blankets to alleviate the pain.

You must avoid reckless folding of this blanket since it can cause short circuit or destroy some of its heating element inside. These may cause some part of the blanket to overheat while other parts fail to heat up properly.

How Much Does Electric Heat Blanket Cost

Disadvantages of using these blankets

These blankets are manufactured to be safe but if you do not use them properly or if you mishandle them, chances of burns are high. Also, buying cheap blankets and using blankets with impaired controls can be dangerous. You can avoid all these by simply investing in a good heated blanket such as those offered by sunbeam.

Who should avoid these blankets?

Most manufacturing companies usually put warning signs on the product indicating individuals who should avoid using them. Babies, kids, old people, pets, and those suffering with paralysis should not use these blankets because they will not be able to communicate their problem if the blanket overheats. People suffering with poor blood circulation such diabetics are also advised to keep away from these blankets. They are insensitive to heat and they will have hard time recognizing an overheating problem.  Other persons with medical problems should also consult a doctor before purchasing them

Comfortable Soft Heat Blankets


It is very important to understand the working mechanism of the heat blanket before beginning to use it. Before you make a purchase, you should analyze whether you need it and whether it will help you. If you decide on purchasing it, you should ensure you buy a quality blanket after assessing the most important factors rather than going cheap and buying a blanket that is unsafe or frayed. If you find that the controls are not working properly or that the blanket is showing signs of wear, you should stop using it completely and consult a professional. Use it safely and you will benefit the most from it.

Keep Warm This Winter with a Heated Blanket

Nothing perhaps feels greater than a warm night in bed uninterrupted by the cold and misery in the outside world; and nothing can protect you from the cold like an efficient heated blanket can. This blanket otherwise known as an electric blanket is a blanket unlike any other because it is fitted with an integrated electrical heating device. These blankets also have a control unit to help the user adjust the amount of heat the blanket produces to suit their comfort.

electric heated blanket

Like other household products, an electric or heated blanket should be chosen wisely for you to ensure that you are making a worthy investment. In addition, you must see to it that the item will provide you with long lasting service; allowing you to maximize the value of the money you spent. But to do all of these successfully, you will need the help of this guide.

About the Sunbeam Electric Blankets

Many companies have taken to producing electric blankets but of all the electric blankets in production today, the sunbeam electric blanket has continuously been regarded as a favourite by most consumers, as per reviews. The electric sunbeam heated blanket is one of the most popular and efficient working electric blankets in the market. They are not only attractive but also pocket friendly and energy-efficient. With quality and efficiency guaranteed, you can never go wrong with such an electric blanket on your bed.

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Heated Throw Blankets

Another winter accessory to own is a heated throw blanket; it is one of the perfect blankets to snuggle in during those cold winter days or nights. Even better they come in feather light material making them easy to carry. The fact that these blankets are portable means they can keep you warm wherever you are in the house. They can even be carried to the couch to keep you warm as you tune in to enjoy your favourite program on TV. Another advantage that comes with this type of heated blanket is that the owner has the comfort and choice of adjusting the temperature settings according to his or her needs.

best heated throw blanket

Battery Operated Blankets

For those of you who are not thrilled about plugging in a blanket to the wall socket, they have the alternative in the form of a battery operated heated blanket. As long as the battery has enough power or has been recharged enough to keep the blanket warm then you are good to go although it is always advisable to keep spare batteries in the house in case the blanket runs out of them. This kind of heated blanket has also been regarded as a traveller’s companion; it is great for the outdoors during camping when there are no electricity sources. It is also great for the survival bag in cases like storms and tornadoes as there could be power outages.

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General Facts about Heated Blankets

All these blankets come in different sizes to fit any size of body or bed including baby cots. They also have a whole array of colours and designs to choose from depending on which your favourite is. Apart from that they can be found in just about any fabric in the face of the earth; polyester, fleece, cotton name them all. So the customer is spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing according to their tastes and preferences.


Who said winter has to be grey and gloomy? Go on and get a heated blanket, as they are considered important winter season companions and see just how cosy and cold free your winter will turn out to be.

Electric Blanket Reviews: A Closer Look at Electric Blankets

During those cold nights and days, a warm blanket can be very comforting, nice and warm to snuggle into. So, why not make that blanket an electric blanket? Electric blanket reviews indicate that these blankets have many advantages, with one of its major being instantly getting the heat you need when you cover yourself with the blanket, as compared to having to wait for a cold blanket to get warm (off your body).

Classic Color Sunbeam Electric BlanketThis is the reason why most homeowners would prefer to have an electric blanket at home, especially those who live in colder regions and countries. Nothing compares to the coziness and comfort that it can bring when you totally need it the most.

Electric blankets from sunbeam

Sunbeam is regarded as one of the leading manufacturer of electric blankets, throw blankets, electric mattresses and all forms of electric bedding. Sunbeam’s electric blanket reviews indicate that these blankets are made with creativity and the customer’s needs in mind, making them not only easy to use, but wonderful to use. Having been in the business of producing most things electrical for a little over a hundred years, you can be rest assured that a sunbeam electric blanket rises well above the clutter of electrical blankets and would therefore be your best bet.

You can take a look at the reviews you can easily find online and you will surely realize just how reliable this brand is. Previous customers have nothing but satisfactory experience and that is surely what you are about to get as soon as you make your first purchase.

Serta Luxury Micro-Fleece Low Voltage Electric Blanket Reviews

Low voltage- safety and comfort

Low voltage electric blankets provide you with low voltage heat in a beautifully made blanket that you will never want to get out of. They provide the right kind of warmth and do not feel hot against the skin. It is an ideal blanket to get if you value your safety most. This is because they produce non-hazardous low voltage which does not over heat and has less chances of producing electric shocks if it accidentally gets wet. Low voltage electric blankets, however take longer to heat up and longer to cool compared to other kinds of electric blankets. The low voltage electric blanket reviews indicate that these blankets come with heat controls and an automatic off switch that comes in handy when the blanket is left on by mistake.

Real Reviews for Electric Blanket

Quick and portable warmth

According to electric blanket reviews, the throw blanket is the ideal companion for late nights on the couch or working on a computer from home. It presents warmth in a light weight material that can be carried along anywhere. The electric blanket heats up quickly and evenly. It is also thick and well insulated thus maintains its warmth for a long time even after being switched off.  According to electric throw blanket reviews from consumers the electric throw blanket is also easy to clean without malfunctioning in the future.

Luxury Soft Heat Electric Blanket Reviews

The luxury of soft heat electric blankets

The soft heat electric blanket reviews point out that this blanket is a great companion to beat the cold season blues especially if that blanket is sunbeam made. Its soft fleece alone will engulf you in a world of smooth all mixed up in warmth, the result can only be heavenly comfort. This kind of blanket provides just the right temperature slowly.

If you are tired of getting into a cold bed daily or using blankets that don’t heat up evenly, then look at electric blanket reviews and find an ideal electric blanket to purchase. It is worth the money and will provide you with what can only be described as luxurious heat.

Stay Cozy and Warm with an Electric Throw Blanket

Do you know that nice and cozy feeling you get when you wrap a warm blanket around yourself as you tune in to your favourite show on TV, on a cold winter night? Now picture yourself using an electric throw blanket that is warm from the beginning and can be adjusted to your liking. The feeling can only be described as divine. Electric throw blankets work the same way as electric blankets, only that they are light enough to wrap it around yourself like an afghan and still achieve optimum warmth.

Most Recommended Sunbeam Electric Blanket

Sunbeam’s treasures

Sunbeam takes the trophy when it comes to producing high quality electric blankets. Their products are produced with great care and under great conditions to ensure that customers can only get nothing but the best. Sunbeam electric blankets are not only designed to work efficiently, but are also in excellent designs and colours and are extremely pocket friendly. Anybody can afford a sunbeam electric blanket and can be assured that their money is worth the spending, due to its efficiency. If you are in the market looking for a quality and an efficient working electric throw blanket, look no further than sunbeam.

Good Beneifits of Electric Throw Blanket

Light and warm

If you have never used an electric throw blanket then you clearly have no idea of what you are missing out on. Electric throw blankets are not only comfortable and warm; they are also great at saving electric bills because you can turn down the thermostat which consumes far too much electricity. Electric throw blankets are also convenient because they are so portable. You can cuddle up on the couch using it and the only worry you should have is falling soundly asleep and missing out on your favourite shows.

According to electric throw blanket reviews the fashion and colour conscious consumers like the fact that electric throw blankets can be found in just about any colour and material. Whether your taste is hot red silk or cool blue cotton, you have nothing to worry about because you will find exactly these and a whole other range to choose from. This means that they can match any room decor in the world. This is definitely another advantage for those who want to keep up with the latest trend without having to sacrifice comfort and warmth all at the same time.

Reviews for Quality Electric Heated Throw Blanket

Electric throw blankets can also be laundered without any adverse effects happening to the circuit board fitted inside. As long as the laundry instructions are followed carefully and to the point, you are sure to always have a clean, fresh and properly functioning electric heated throw blanket for years to come. First time users and beginners also do not have to worry because the blanket will come with a user manual that is very easy to understand and follow. If you ever feel the need to ask a question or clarify something, you can always contact the manufacturer or retailer.

Best Heated Electric Throw Blanket

Safety first

Electric throw blankets today have been set to automatically switch themselves off after eight to ten hours of being on. This is to ensure that the circuit board does not over heat and catch fire. You can also easily find a heated electric throw blanket today that is also manufactured under very high standards so as to meet legal demands on safety to consumers, so there really isn’t much to worry about.

If you are looking for an electric throw blanket then you should consider looking at customer reviews so you can get a blanket you will be pleased with for a long time. You can also ask your friends and relatives if they have any potential recommendations that you can try.

Important Electric Blanket Safety Guidelines

The use of electric bedding is very popular nowadays. They are effective in keeping you warm in your bed while lowering your energy consumption. They have controls and are plugged-in directly into an electrical outlet. For this reason, that goes the same for every item or appliance that runs on electricity, safety standards should be implemented and create an awareness of the owners. Electric blanket safety guidelines are very easy to follow and remember. Most of them are overlooked but can be very simple in nature.

Electric Blankets Safety Guidelines

These guidelines will serve as very important reminders to ensure the safety of electric blankets when used.

best electric blanket safety

  • The people who are allowed to use them are adults. Very small children that cannot communicate properly are also not allowed. People who cannot feel pain, people with disabilities and people who cannot understand the instructions of the electric bedding are not permitted to use them.

  • The control cord must not go between the box springs and the mattress. The chord can be exposed to friction that in turn create a spark. If the spark has nowhere to go, then it turns into a fire hazard.

  • There are heating wires inside the mattress. Make sure that none of these wires are pinched to avoid getting electrocuted from an exposed live wire.

  • Do not let the heated bedding stay trapped in the bedding mattress for a long time. Thus, folding and adjustable beds are not highly recommended for use.

best sunbeam electric blanket

  • Avoid overheating by not using the heated blanket and mattress at the same time.

  • In the process of storing. Make sure to create a loose loop when wrapping the cord around the control for storage.

  • Your pets should never go near the blankets. You may put your pet in danger if they will chew or bite the mattress that houses the wirings. This will make the electric blanket unusable because of the punctures from your pet’s teeth.

  • Pins and other sharp and pointed items should be kept away from the heated blanket.

These are some of the overlooked and important electric blanket safety guidelines. Furthermore, make sure that the device is turned off when not in use. Avoid wet areas or spilling water on the blanket.

best electric blankets safety

Care and Maintenance

You may think that the bedding needs to be cleaned just like a regular bedroom mattress or bedding. This is very wrong and very dangerous at some point. You should be able to remember the caring and maintenance tips because most of them are common sense.

  • Ironing the blanket will melt the wire inside the mattress. In fact, most owner never iron their electric bedding for the purpose of not making any issue with the heated wire.

  • Do not use cleaning fluid or dry clean the blanket.

  • Never use the electric blanket on a water bed.

best safety of electric blankets

Electric blankets produce a significant amount of electromagnetic field. Make sure to research more with regards to the electric blanket safety emf guidelines and procedures.

When you feel that the electric blanket safety guidelines are easy and common sense. Then you are ready to purchase your very own electric blanket. The people from Sunbeam electric blanket can offer you a wide variety of electric sheets, blankets and throws. You will see the above mentioned safety guidelines present in each of their product. They are the leading provider of heated and electric bedding items that will keep you warm and comfortable in a cold night. Wait for your kids to grow up before you introduce these kind of insulating source in a bedroom.

The Ups And Downs Of An Electric Blanket

Did you know that the first electric blanket was invented way back in 1912? This blanket is an ordinary blanket that you use in the bedroom. The difference is the heating device that is place on the top cover of the sheet. Alternatively, the heating device is place at the bottom sheet in UK which is commonly known as an electric mattress pad. These electric blankets have temperature controls that is usually used to preheat the bed or keep the person warm.

best sunbeam electric blanket

How Does It Work?

The electric blanket works in a very simple and straight forward manner. The fabric of the blanket is inserted with an insulated wire that warms the blanket when it is plugged in to an electrical outlet. You can control and manage the amount of heat flow that you want with a controlling device that is located between the outlet and the sheet or mattress. Some electric throw blanket may look bulky because of the insulated wire inside which is why the latest blanket uses carbon fiber wires. This is the same carbon fiber that is being used in some luxury or high-end heated car seats. They are less bulky and conspicuous compared to the older versions.

Safety Issues

If you are out in the market looking for the best electric blanket, then you can check out the Sunbeam electric blanket brand. It is a famous name that has been in service for years that most people have gone to trust. It is worth mentioning the blanket’s safety issues to create an awareness and prevent unnecessary accidents and inconveniences.

best electric blanket

  • Make sure you purchase the latest heating blankets. Older versions does not have an auto shutoff feature. This will prevent the blanket to overheat and catch fire. Make sure the blanket is made after 2001.

  • Old and worn out electric blankets are susceptible to catch fire. The combination of heat and electricity that comes in contact with a flammable material, can put the person at a high risk.

  • Children, diabetic people and the elderly are not encouraged to use an electric blanket. According to most electric blanket reviews, children and the elderly cannot react immediately to the burning sensation caused by the heated blanket and the diabetic people are virtually unaware of it, thus creating serious burns and injuries.

  • Always check the voltage of the blanket. They can range from 12-24 volts or 110/240 volts. The lower voltage are preferred since they are safer to use in the long run.

best electric throw blanket

Cost Effective Accessory

The electric blanket today is far more better when compared to the first introduced version. They are chosen so that people in the colder region can conserve energy while staying warm. It allows people to turn off or lower down their thermostat in the room and save a significant amount in their electrical bill. This is also always present in places where their source of heat inside the room is limited or not functioning properly. You can also take it out in camps and cross country hiking where the temperature can significantly drop at certain levels at night.

The electric blanket is a quick and easy way to get warmed up. When compared to the traditional thermostat and heating system, you don’t need to wait for the rest of the room temperature to be acceptable before you feel comfortable and rest. It is practical and they come in different colors and designs which will naturally blend in to your room’s interior décor. Just take note of the important safety precautions to avoid unnecessary accidents because after all, it is an electric equipment just like any electric device at home.